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World Record Holder
I've twice held the Guinness World Record for travelling around the London Underground in the fastest time possible. The first time back in 2004, and again in 2013. I've now made 28 attempts around the whole Tube network, including charity attempts.
Londonist Video Editor
I'm the Video Editor for - a website about everything London. All our videos get published on our Youtube channel, with over 30,000 subscribers and adding 1,500 new people every month. We explore secret, hidden and fun parts of London and put them all on video!

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Freelance Video Producer
I also work on other freelance video projects, you can hire me to produce your video! I've produced music video for bands, coordinated tech conferences, event summaries wrapped into a short video, fly-on-the wall documentaries, and feature length documentaries published to DVD and online stores.
Tube Tours

I'm a tour guide for the London Transport Museum, taking people into old abandoned tube stations such as Aldwych, Down Street and Charing Cross.
I also run my own independent tours, showing you the secrets, history and architecture of the the London Underground. You can book me for a private tour too.

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Hidden London / London Transport Museum

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I regularly appear on TV and Radio commenting on the Underground and transport in London, and do after dinner speaking too - with Specialist Speakers too. I am also happy to speak at charity events to help promote good causes.

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Walk the tube
Walk The Tube is an annual charity event where we take a group of people around the whole of the London Underground to get them to visit all the stations in one day. One of the things I get asked the most is 'Can we come with you on an attempt?' and I always encourage people to come on this charity day to raise money for good causes at the same time

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Station Master App
I'm the co-creator of the award winning transport App Station Master - a guide to travelling on transport in London. We've created five others Apps too, and also work in conjunction with MapWay travelling internationally to provide transit data from other countries Metro systems.
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Other Apps including Disused Tube.

Underground : USA
In 2009, I spent 12 weeks on the road in America, driving to all 48 mainland states, and in each one visiting a town or place that shared a name as a stop on the London tube map. From it, i write a book and made an hour long documentary, called Underground USA