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Jerry Springer .. what a Cnut!

Protest1There was a demonstration outside the BBC today. Various religious groups were up in arms about the fact that BBC2 are showing ‘Jerry Springer – The Opera’ tomorrow night on BBC2.

This is the show that (on stage, at least) contains over 2,000 mentions of the word ‘fuck’, and 600 of the word ‘cunt’. (Here’s a thought – the opposite of a Googlewhack – which two words would generate the most hits in Google – I bet the F and C words would be a good start, but I’m not actually recommending you do kids, okay?)

Anyway, this is the show which had been in theatres for the last two years, but only now they’ve decided it it evil, and are having an easy swipe at the BBC because”It’s a waste of license fee”, isn’t it?

So they stood (quite quietly at first) outside today with their banners of “Blasphemous Broadcasting Corporation”, and only in the afternoon did it get going a bit when more people turned up, there were a couple of arrests, and a guy was standing on a step ladder calling for the head of the Director General.

Without personally getting into the pros and cons of it all (if you want to do that then may I suggest that you debate it on this forum here where everyone seems to slag everyone else off), all I know is that I am now definitely going to watch it because of all the publicity that the campaigners that were against it generated, otherwise I would have probably forgot and just watched third round FA cup stuff on Match of the Day instead!

Protest2Just a shame that no one carried out the idea that we thought of in our office – There are big TV plasma screens facing out in the BBC reception so that people walking past outside can see things – normally it’s just showing a BBC News 24 feed, but I think we should have given the Jerry Springer show an early preview to entertain the protestors outside – my betting being that a lot of them haven’t seen it anyway, so it would of been a good opportunity for them to see what they were actually complaining about.

And I’ve just spell checked (for once) these last few paragraphs, and quite like the fact that it came up with the suggestion of : count, cut, cent, cant, cute & cuts for a certain word that I used back there …

So why not watch the programme that everyone is talking about. BBC2 tonight, at 10pm.

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