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Load of old c*nts

Jerry SpringerWhat a let down! I watched the much hyped show last night .. well .. bits of it, because I had a really hard time getting ‘in’ to it. I think it’s something that works much better in the theatre, and doesn’t actually come across on TV that well. You couldn’t even really hear them swear properly in song because the audio wasn’t that great! So I ended up flitting around, catching bits of it – but it didn’t do enough to grab me and make we want to sit and watch it completely.

On the intranet at work, you can access the staff logs and see what people had to say about things that they’ve called / emailed in about, so I will check on Monday to see how many complaints it got!

Had my haircut yesterday, by a traditional blokey ‘barber’ style hairdresser, and I had a ‘tip’ dilemma. How much do you tip your hairdresser? For ages, it used to cost me �9 to get my haircut, so it was easy – you handed over a tenner and told them to keep the change.

Then it went up to �10, so I stuck at my ‘quid’ gesture, and handed over an extra pound coin.

Yesterday, it had gone up to �12.50, and I saw some bloke hand over �15, and told them to keep the change .. but I thought ‘sod that’, handed over �15, and when he have me the change, I then have him �1.50 back. Am iI being too mean? Or too generous?! I can’t decide.

Also, my girly came back from Harrods yesterday, and brought me back some KrispyKreme donuts .. yay! And they are fab. Sorry I can’t share them with you, the nearest I can do is let you experience the ‘box opening’ moment when you get to first see what’s inside!

Krispy Kreme Donuts

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