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I read an amazing fact today about how to cure hiccups, so much so that I want to get hiccups now, just so that I can try out this cure for them, and here it is:

Eat a spoonfull of white sugar

Simple as that. Does this really work? Anyone heard of or used this method before? I know that drinking a glass of water, and eating a piece of dry bread are the other methods, but I read that this ‘spoonfull of sugar’ method works for 19 out of 20 people. So there you go! Try it next time you get the hiccups and let me know?

Three other rather marvellous things to report on today, which are:

I got another 50p!

Contributor 506Hello and step forward Richard Mackey, who wanted one my Review of the Year 2004 CD’s that I’ve produced, and he kindly paypal’d me a small amount to cover the cost of the blank CD & postage.

Additionally, he included an extra 50p as well so that he could pick the song her Onionhead / Dada Dali’ by Todd Rundgren to go onto my iPod, which I’ve already done. So thank you Richard, and you officially become contributor number 506 !

Banana BoxIn the post today, I got this! What is it? Well it appears to be, a banana shaped plastic box, which is perfect for holding a banana! And you can then either use it to keep your banana safe in your bag when you take it to work, or do what that nice man Chris from LazyboneUK did, and actually post it to me! I am of course infamously known for posting bananas through the royal-mail system, so Chris instantly thought of me when he saw it.

The postman was also relieved to find me in when he tried to deliver it (because it didn’t fit through the letterbox) and he said “Thank god I don’t have to take that back to the depot with me and explain that one to the lads!”. Excellent!

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