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You have been Wollamaloo’d

More iPod fun then, as the iShuffle advert (Quicktime) is now available online to see here.

Swearwords are in the air then, and following on from the Jerry Spring opera, and also yesterdays ‘Going Underground’ swearword version, Kristina (#202) sent me this excellent link: It’s got the word ‘fuck’ in it a lot! You have been warned.

My immediate boss-bloke at work has now read his “Hello Matt” (above) because he came in today and said and hello back to you”, which was a bit of a giveaway – but it looks like he’s another Geofftech convert. Either that, or he’ll use it to keep tabs on me to see what I’m getting up to outside of work!

We then had a discussion about this story going round today, about how a guy that worked for a bookshop in Edinburgh got the sack, for talking about his colleagues on hisblog… Eek!

His blog his here and is called The Woolamaloo Gazette.

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