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Rick’s in town!

Rick in LondonWell I’ve had a busy weekend .. why? Because I had a ‘contributor visit’ to my house!

After I flew out to meet Rick in Holland last year, we invited him and his wife back over and I figured that they might come out in summer of 2005. So imagine my suprise when only just a few days ago Rick emailed me and said “We can get the Eurostar over on the the 15/16 weekend!”, and I said “Oh, ok then!”.

Bizarrely enough there was talk that I might go and visit George (#172) this weekend, but we’d postponed that until the summer.

So Rick (#175) and his wife (#226) drove to Brussels early Saturday morning, and got the Eurostar train to London for the weekend!

So we did the complete tourist thing with them, which was fun because although I could go and see any of the London sights and attractions at anytime, it seems that I never do them.

So we went to the London Eye (only to find it closed for maintenance for January), but Rick then got a good photo of him and his iPod with Big Ben and the houses of parliament in the background, then we walked east along the time, past street entertainer and traders, past the Shakespeare globe theatre, stopping at the pub for a pint and some lunch, and then onto Tower Bridge (another iPod photo), and the Tower of London.

Krispy KremeWe still had time to jump on the tube (Geoff on the tube with Rick and iPod – could there be a more ‘together’ moment?) down to St. Pauls Cathedral, before realising that Harrods would still be open because of the sales, so we went on the tube to there and got some Krispy Kreme donuts! What i didn’t realise is that they actually taste better when hot, with Rick’s wife Carmen describing them as “A food orgasm explosion”. Erm, ok!

Living in Holland for a couple of years, it was the first time they’d had Krispy Kreme for a couple of years, and when Rick said that he also missed not having any decent curry restaurants where he was based, there was only one choice for dinner wasn’t there!

So over a lamb balti and a butter chicken tikka and a few beers) we discussed (again) the finer cultural differences between England and the States, and wondered if the restaurant would mind if we had donuts for dessert.

Geoff with OreosRick was also kind enough to bring me over a whole stack of Oreo biscuits – as you only get the ‘regular’ ones here in the UK, whereas he was able to get his hands on some ‘Golden’ vanilla ones, some Fudge dipped ones, and a bag on new ‘Mini’ oreos as well – marvellous!

I showed him a pack of UK oreos, and was amused by the face that it had the slogan ‘The worlds favourite biscuits’, whereas on the american packs, it says ‘The worlds favorite cookie’. (NB – Incorrect spelling of word ‘Favourite’!)

Rick later sent me a whole batch of his photos that he’d taken over the weekend, including a rather silly one of me looking like a 5 year old on Christmas morning opening up presents – when in fact I’ve just overjoyed with all the boxes of Oreos that they’d brought over for me !

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