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I had a nice email yesterday off of Suman Biswas, who explains that he and his friend are the two people responsible for the London Underground piss-take song that’s doing the rounds on the internet at the moment, and whilst he’s happy for me to promote it here, he also wants me to plug the fact that that is just one track off of a whole CD which they’ve made which you can get on their website here, and all the money goes to charity (Macmillan Cancer Relief). It would seem that the other songs are in a similar amusing vein, if you get my drift! Go have a look.

Suman observes that he’s been away for a couple of weeks, and gets back to discover that his voice is “All over the internet .. spooky!” Lol! Certainly is Suman.

Toogle LogoNaomi Best (Google lover) has found yet another variation for me in the form of Toogle – which describes itself as ‘The most comprehensive image buggery on the web’.

Well that’s one way of describing it – thanks Naomi!

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