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Back to Reality

How bizarre .. I just got repeated on Reality TV channel. Minding my own business on a quiet Sunday afternoon and Helen Blaby (#340) sends me a text saying “You’re on TV again!”, and sure enough, they’re showing a repeat of our Tube3 experience. I really should have negotiated a repeat fee.

I’ve added a new bit to my website today (and deleted some of the redundant crap that I hadn’t updated for ages), it’s in the Fun section and is called ‘The Joy of Work’.

Mainly it’s just the story of how I added Elvis Presley to the BBC global address list, and it got picked up by the Guardian newspaper a few years ago, but I’ll add other stuff to this page in time.

Depressingly I note that Elvis is back at No.1 in the UK ‘charts’ this week with the fourth of the eighteen re-releases that his record company are doing consecutively, making a mockery of the charts. It’s time to amalgamate the download charts and singles sales now chart people! Ok?

If you still have some time to waste right now, then for another fun diversion for a few minutes, check out the website of Adam Welch and how he recently cleaned his collection of penny coins.

And … the Walkometer update! After a day in which I went out twice, and even went for a jog this evening I can state that I’m at a very healthy 9,476 steps!

Stayed tuned all week for the progress on this one, because I can tell you’re riveted.

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