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Walkers Walk

WalkometerI think it was way back before Christmas of last year that I found myself online at the Walkers Crisps website, where they were giving away free pedometers – gadgets that count the number of steps that you take in a day. Obviously they’ve been feeling bad that they’re turning us into a nation of fatties, and by giving away some cheap plastic gadget was their way of alleviating their guilt.

So it was free, but with one of those “Please allow 28 days for delivery” clauses, meaning that last week I’d just about given up hope of ever seeing it.

Well – It turned up in the mail this morning … Yay! So I immediately clipped it to my belt, and now I can find out if I walk the supposed required 10,000 steps a day that means you have a healthy and active lifestyle. So for the next week here of Geofftech i’ll have a daily count of how many steps I’ve been taken and thus can see which was my busiest day. (I’ve only done 283 so far this morning up to the point of writing this entry as you can see).

Can life get anymore exciting than this? No I don’t think it can either …

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