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’cause I’m a creep

(7,901 steps yesterday by the way, not including the hour I played 5-a-side footy)

CreepWent to the cinema tonight which turned out to be a ‘bloggers’ mini-meetup as there was an open invite on the Going Underground blogspot to go and see the new ‘horror’ film Creep that is in the cinemas at the moment, and seeing as most of it is based on the tube and filmed in places like Aldwych and the old Charing Cross branch of the Jubilee line, then I couldn’t not go and see it really, could I?

So I met Chz , Stroppycow, Pixeldiva, Chaotique, Tom from the excellent RandomnReality, plus of course Annie the Mole from Going Underground came out too, and there was myself and partner in tube-crime Neil.

Now we could pick holes in many aspects of the film that were technically inaccurate, physically inaccurate, or just down right silly – but it was a ‘fair’ film – not brilliant, but I’ve seen a lot worse as well.

The most scary moment for me was when the dog first appears. Oops, that’s spoilt the plot now! Ah well. All I know is that I came home on the tube and changed at Bond Street Jubilee – not to dissimilar to the supposed Jubilee platforms at Charing Cross that I’d just seen, and that was a little spooky!

Stroppycow also observed from my work sweepstake ramblings, that in their last place of work they used to have a sweepstake on who would get sacked next – yes, things were that bad! And that they won twice, the second time being when they bet on themselves to get the sack next – and they did! Love it.

My work colleagues today wouldn’t go for a sweepstake on when the Pope will actually pop his clogs, one person even came up with the conspiracy that he’s already dead, but they’re just delaying telling us. It’s a thought …

8,212 steps today by the way. I’ll stop tomorrow, the excitement of knowing how far I’ve walked this week is probably too much for you.

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