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Flacid please

Congratulations to everyone who spotted my deliberate mistake (*cough*) of getting some of the days and dates of the week confused this week .. oops! Although (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again), it’s nice to know and proves to me that people are reading this .. and not only are they reading this but they’re also bothering to email me and tell me about it too!

So anyway – to everyone that emailed me pointing out my error, you’ve all won a prize – so expect something way way of return in your inbox any moment now.* Plus, it would seem that a lot of people think that I will get my £22 quid back off of Vue, it’ll just take longer for their systems to re-credit me than it does to debit me in the first place – we’ll see …

Well WeaponI got completely dissed my someone today for not knowing about the new Chris Morris satire TV programme Nathan Barley that starts tomorrow (Friday night), and it’s all because of this poster here that I keep seeing in stations at the moment – could you honestly say that you knew what it was about though when you first saw it?

I found a complete article online here that tells you everything that you need to know to be ‘in the know’ (like I wasn’t).

Also, I got into a discussion this evening (please don’t ask how), on “When a bloke has an erection and he’s trying to subdue it, what particularly un-sexy women can he think of that would help him ‘deflate’ as quickly as possible?”

Off the top of my head I instantly thought of Clare Short, Mo Mowlam and (topically) Camilla Parker Bowles, and just wondered if anyone else had a favourite erection-antidote that they often use. Any offers?

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