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On my holibobs …

Ok, you see now I have plenty I can feel I can waffle on for about for a bit.

Got into my holiday reading in real holiday mode today. ie. I was sat on the verandah again, feet up, with a fresh beer from the fridge … a gecko crawled along the wall that was shaded from the sun, crickets made their chirping sound in the background, and the sun beat down – 28 degrees. Lovely

His 'n' Hers by Mike Gale - cover Then I got really annoyed by the book I was reading – the latest offering from Mike Gayle called His ‘n’ Hers. I’ve been reading Gayle’s stuff since his first (‘Legendary Girlfriend’ – good) five years ago, through ‘Mr Commitment’ (Very Good), to ‘Turning Thirty’ (Excellent, apart from the smaltchzy ending), followed by the disappointing ‘Dinner for Two’ which was ok, because I was quite quite sure that he’d follow it up with another corker.

So I bought His ‘n’ Hers about a month ago – but hadn’t read it so as to save it for my holiday. And now I sort of wished I hadn’t bothered.

Here’s what bugged me .. on the back, the synopsis read something like – “Jim and Alison get together, then split up and then a chance meeting once day makes them question whether splitting up was the right thing to do or not”. So I thought ‘Ok… the first couple of chapters is going to take me to that that point, and then the rest of the story will unravel’. Right? No!

The book is 352 pages long. It takes until page 281 (Two hundred and eighty-one, that’s 80% of the way through the book) to get to the point which the back-cover synopsis describes!

And I’m like “You what?”. What’s the fecking point of me reading four fifths of a book to get up to the point that you already know by reading the synopsis on the back cover! And then … when you read the remaining one fifth, it’s not that a great conclusion anyway and leaves you hanging in a very much un-resolved manner, and I just thought that overall it was a bit crap. Mike Gayle come on I know you can do better, and hope you’re already in progress on a (better) novel number six.

You see how relaxed and how much time I have on my hands here? I have to rant about pointless things like books that I’ve read and not enjoyed. Excellent!

Too much time and space, and time, and time, and more time helps clear you mind and think of everything quite quite clearly. Holidays are good.

Anyway, I then got stuck into Ian Marchants ‘Parallel Lines’, and found that to be a much better read, so I’m recommending that instead.

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