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Funeral Fun

So … funerals. They’re fun aren’t they? Actually, it wasn’t as bad as you might of thought it would have been in the end, but it was a bit weird for me meeting a whole bunch of the family in one go that I hadn’t previously met at such a somber occasion.

The only point that I came close to shedding a tear is when the local choir of the church (one guy, four women) beautifully sang a cappella with wonderful harmonies. It was dead good. I’d like to have that when I die.

I’d also like to get at least at many people as my girlfriend’s grandmother got – I did a quick headcount (you know, like you do), and reckoned about 110 had turned out. If I get half that when I die, I’ll be chuffed.

I also wondered if Marks & Spencers had made out it to South Africa without me seeing it yet, as there were such a wide and varied mix of summer floral dresses being worn by all the women. Whereas I had to contend with the hurriedly bought shirt that I’d bought specifically the day before, and then got all paranoid about the un-ironed ‘new’ crease marks down the back.

Plus I considered making a funerals list, to go alongside my list of weddings that I seem to obsess about, but then reckoned that too morbid (But wedding are winning 29 to 9 funerals if you’re interested). And finally, I kept on thinking of the part in my favourite book/film ‘Hi-Fidelity’ where they discuss what music they’d like played at their funeral.

And thus was the funeral of Madge ‘Magic’ Stanley. May you rest in peace.

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