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I’m back, but I’m a little bit tired. I’ll get back on the computer tomorrow. It’s worth mentioning though that I counted twenty-six mosquito bites on myself in the bath this afternoon, and that according to the nice German couple that I sat next to on the plane home last night, I have a now have a one-in-fifty chance of catching malaria, but “The signs won’t show for a week, but I should go to the doctor straight away if I get hot flushes”. Thank you for that Mr & Mrs Dusseldorf!

Also, just once … just once, wouldn’t it be nice if MY bag was the first one off of the baggage carousel … come on, had that ever happened to anyone? Someone must be first right … it’d be like winning the lottery. The conveyor starts up, the first bag drops down, and HEY! it’s yours, and you can dash through customs, out of the airport and first to the taxi rank before anyone else.

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