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Don’t be alarmed

Worky work work, back to work then, but how good was it to have the first decent warm day of the year and be able to sit outside for lunch like I did? Lovely.

My cousin Phil (#315) asked me today if I ever got my money back from Vue cinemas, and it reminded me that I totally forget to mention that it took them a couple of week, but yes they did, look:

Bank Statement

Also, I bought an extra smoke alarm for my home yesterday. Think that they’re a waste of time and money? Try telling my sister that.

Fire KillsWhen I got home and I rang round my family to announce my return, I found out that her smoke alarm had gone off in the middle of the night, and she got up to find her kitchen on fire. Her husband and two kids made a dash out of the house, and dialed 999 – and got the full emergency services down the street waking up her neighbours as they attended the scene.

There was actually more smoke damage than fire, so the place is still livable, albeit with a disgusting smell and a horrible sticky black residue which had got over everything. But the point is, without smoke alarms they’d of most likely been asphyxiated and I’d have a dead sister right now. Just a cheery thought for you!

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