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White Man Can

Bizarre. Apparantly, not only do I look like the sort of person that people talk to on buses and trains, and for teenagers to request illegal alcohol and drugs for them, but today I got accosted by a white van man whilst driving my car! It was really odd.

I was sat at a red traffic light, in the rain, minding my own business when the guy in van next to me ‘toots’ me with his horn, gets my attention and starts speaking to me. I wind down my window (letting in the rain) thinking that he’s going to tell me that my brake lights aren’t working, or that my seat belt is caught in the door, but instead he says:

“Hello mate” he says, “Tell me – is your car a 16 valve model?”. Which if I’d of been a betting man would have been the last thing that I would have predicted him to say.

Turns out that he was looking for a car just like mine to buy for his son, and he started asking me all things about mine. Trouble is, I run an old, cheap car and I’m not a “blokey” sort of chap who knows about cars, and was almost completely useless in answering any of his questions.

Then the lights turned green, the cars behind us started to beep their horns for us to move, and I slunk back and changed lanes so that I was driving behind him so as to avoid more interrogation at the next set of lights.

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