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Still revelling in it

So I went to see my sister today, off the back of her house catching fire last week.

They’d had people in to clean up, and decorators to re-paint and stuff so there are no lasting signs of real damage, but there is a nasty lingering ‘burnt’ smell about the place. The fire brigade though have been back down her road and stuck up several signs on lampposts saying “There was a fire in this road recently, when was the last time you checked your smoke alarm?”. Scare tactics or what! But effective, I bet.

I also popped into my local Asda (Walmart?) on the way back, to discover six new types of Fox’s biscuits that I previously hadn’t seen before, so have just added them all to the Fox’s section here.

Bag of RevelsOh, I also noticed that Revels have got Easter Eggs out! Anyone want to buy one and do some stats for me?

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