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That Feral Feeling

Dr. WhoJust in case you’ve been living in a time warp or something this week, then you can’t fail to have noticed all the plugging and the publicity for the new series of Dr. Who which starts tonight on BBC1 at 7pm.

I just thought I’d join in with the gratuitous plugging of it by mentioning it here. It wasn’t until I saw him interviewed on TV last night though that I realised that Christopher Ecclestone is the same actor that played the army major in the excellent 28 days later, and so I went on an imdb search to see what else he’d been in. (I really must remember to get round to watching Shallow Grave one of these days).

Walking home last night, I discovered that ‘Good Friday’ is really no different from any other Friday night, and that the local “Must drink and get completely hammered otherwise I’ve failed to have a good time” population of Epsom were out in force (I must get round one of these days to doing a Dom Joly type spoof and distribute leaflets advertising a new place called ‘Bar-Chav’ opening up in town and seeing if anyone falls for it), and I walked by one drunk guy, baiting to another to “Come and repeat what you said to me in front of that copper you wanker”, whilst motioning over towards a couple of the local constabulary who were already playing down another fracas a few metres away.

I then turned the corner to be confronted by three twenty-something blokes all with their trousers down to their ankles (but thankfully with their pants on) all screaming in a girly way “Please don’t take advantage of me mister!” and then falling about with laughter. I walked past, and looked back as they proceeded to do this to everyone that walked by – at least they weren’t just picking on me.

So is there anywhere left in England now which doesn’t get infested by feral mentality on a Friday night? Please let me know if there is, I might move there. And yes, I know I’m starting to sound like an old git. 🙂

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