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444 on tour

It’s official, the new Dr. Who is fab! And I’m not just saying that because I’m BBC a bod. Honest.

Anyway, happy easter, don’t forget to put your clocks forward one hour if you’re in the UK, and don’t get fat eating your easter eggs all at one, okay?

Nicola 444Contributor Nicola (#444) – she of the blue hair – sent me an email report from Amsterdam this week, where her and her Cardiff Uni mates had all hitch-hiked their way to in aid of charity. I’d asked if she’d get me a picture of herself standing in front of a sex shop, or dope cafe with her iPod, but in the end she went one better, by teaching us all what the Dutch is for “10,000 songs in your pocket, Mac and PC”, by standing in front of the Amsterdam MacHouse.

Two thoughts – Nicola what has happened to your hair? i) It’s no longer blue, and ii) it actually mimics the silhouette in the poster! Are you secretly an Apple poster model in your spare time?

Oh, and if you’re bored for 5 minutes, then go and play this neat ‘catch me if you can’ type flash game. My fastest time is 53 seconds.

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