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Registrations … what you need

T-Shirt HellVarious bits today, as I discovered a horribly funny online t-shirt shop today, which will actually offend some of you, so don’t go here if you’re the type that’s easily offended.

The t-shirt show here is one of the less offensive ones!

Registration PlateA lot of people I know at the moment seem to be buying new cars, and I ended up having a discussion along the lines of “When did the DVLA change it so that there were two new letters per year?”, “When did they change from letters to numbers?”, “What letters is it that they don’t use?”, etc.. etc.. and so I went and found this website here which tells you everything. And to summarise …

A to Y as a suffix was from 1963 to 1983.

A to Y as a prefix was 1984 to 2001, but they started ‘doubling up’ and doing two new car releases a year with ‘T’ reg from 1999 onwards, until the current standard [left] where ’51’ started in the latter half of 2001, with ’02’ in the first half of 2002 and ’52’ in the latter half of 2002 and so on. Goddit? Good.

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