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On the nightshift

[05.10] I do love the serene atmosphere that there is at work at night. I’ve just gone and had my all-day (night?) breakfast and coffee to keep me going for the last couple of hours, and then had to pop down to the Sport Interactive department to configure a laptop for someone who was having problems.

On the way back, the corridor I was walking down – normally bustling during the day was dead quiet, peaceful and yet it smelt clean. In fact the whole building smells clean at this time of day as the early morning cleaners get stuck into their jobs. In the distance, there’s a vague sound of a vacuum cleaner, and then suddenly a security guard doing his round comes quietly round the corner and almost scares the life out of me.

I pop my head into the observation gallery of Studio 4 .. ah, the Blue Peter set very much in evidence .. and it’s being cleaned! Opposite in Studio 3 nothing is going on, and the lights are dimmed and it’s a bit spooky, so I walk back to the office, en route taking in the gallery to Studio 8 where there are two guys seemingly mucking about on scenery low-loader truck and trolley. Then I realise that the one guy is giving a driving lesson to the other of how to reverse the vehicle and make the trailer go in the right direction! Bizarre.

I get into a lift and it smells of .. sniff sniff .. it smells of Cornflakes! Someone’s just been to the canteen and taken their food back to their desk then. I pass a porter, he dumps down the morning papers outside someone’s office. The Suns headline reads: “Two million will flock to funeral”. Who’s funeral? Oh … yes .. how could I forget.

I get back back to my desk. I look out of window – it’s still dark outside. I hear the rattle and see a flash of light as the first Central Line train of the day clatters its way out of the White City depot and into the station, all lit up and yet with no passengers on board. It’s now 05:20 – only another hour and forty minutes to go.

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