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Getting asked again

I’m getting bored of having that friendly face where obviously everyone thinks “He looks harmless, I’ll ask him”.

Walking back from my local town to home yesterday, I got stopped three times in the space of two minutes! The first admittedly was just a random ‘bibbed’ charity collector – the sort you used to get only outside Oxford Circus tube station, but now it would seem have spread to the home counties, who I had to politely decline.

Then there was a big car-transporter parked up at the side of the road, and the driver got out to ask me if knew where the local Ford garage was! I pointed it out to him to where you could clearly see it about 200 metres away down the road. Then – parked up next to him was a guy in a shiny black BMW who parped his horn to get my attention. “What’s up, you lost too mate?” I said leaning over towards the window to talk to. “Nahh mate” he said “I work for BMW and was wondering if you’d like one of these new watches” and pointed to a collection of snazzy looking watches scattered on the passenger seat.

What was he … a BMW salesman? And I had to go for a test drive to get a watch? I didn’t want to know (although I liked the fact that he thought I might be rich enough to be wanting to own a BMW). “No thanks” I said walking away with him still talking after me, and I thought about how cynical and un-trusting I’d become in the world generally about any great ‘deal’ like that.

It also occurred to me that if anyone comes up to me in the street nowadays and asks for help/directions, etc.. the first thing I do is back off slightly (in case they’re about to mug me), then look around (in case they’re there to distract me and someone is going to attempt to pick-pocket me), and only then once I’ve assessed them and feel it’s safe to talk to them do I so! What a wonderful world we live in.

Incidentally, I also saw whilst down the shops that my local HMV was selling off old Michael Jackson albums for half price. A clear out before he’s found guilty and a stigma is attached to Michael Jackson music? If he is found guilty (and you have to say, it’s not looking good for him), then will radio stations stop playing his music? Will record shops stock his CD’s at all? Just a thought.

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