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Lone Wolf

At least last night on nightshifts there was someone else here – on the weekdays there are two people on nightshift, but for the weekend you get to do it all by yourself. So I’m sat here. By myself. All alone. And it’s very quiet …
An email has gone round to all staff from one of the guys in the Entertainment section. They’re having a sweepstake on the verdict of the Michael Jackson trial – �2 a shot on the verdict and when it ‘breaks’. And half the money goes to Excellent! I’m game for some of that.

Dr. Who Just because my love of Dr. Who isn’t going away quickly, I have to draw your attention to the plug for it on the webpage that yesterday evening simply this evening that simply said “Doctor in the House”, and him sitting in the Big Brother red chair referring to last nights episode ‘Bad Wolf‘.

But how many of you got the reference to the 1988 hit “Doctorin’ the house” by Coldcut, Yazz & the Plastic Population. Remember that? I seem to be the only one apparently.

I don’t have it on my iPod, but in a spooky moment I got to hear the next best thing a few minute later. I jumped into my car to drive in for the nightshift, fired up my iPod on ‘shuffle’ mode, and the first thing it played was “Doctorin’ the Tardis”, by the Timelords, a.k.a the KLF also from the same year. Spooky, ou quoi? Have got Dr. Who on the brain. Anyway, final episode next Saturday, so have got another tediously long week to wait…

Oh, and “Hello” and “Thanks” to contributor Marco (#17) who sent me this … how do you feel about your information privacy?

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