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Bring me sunshine, bring me …

Weekend WeatherGood morning. It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day.

1. It’s Saturday. Ok, so I haven’t been to work all week anyway due to shifts and my bad back, but there’s still that Saturday morning ‘buzz’ in the air which always feels great.

2. My back is better. So much better that I swung out of bed this morning without a twinge, and then gently jogged up and down the stairs in celebration of being able to move without feeling any pain. I’m still a bit stiff when standing up from a sitting position, but hey – it’s sunny! who cares?

3. My blog is fixed! By jingo, it looks how I want it to look. (At last). THANKS JONO – I have to say that or, or … or well he’ll not help me fix it the next time I want to tweak something and I’m too stooopid to work it out for myself. Actually, the DHTML/Javascript menus colours muck up for some reason on the new blog pages, so that’s one still to be fixed. And I’ve changed the ‘comments’ section so that it doesn’t force you to leave an email address, even though I was enjoying some of the spoof ones that people were using yesterday.

So in celebration I’ve just played Garbarge’s ‘Supervixen’ incredibly loudly as it’s a pumped up song guaranteed to make a good mood even better. It’s on mornings like this that I wish I had a dog to walk. I don’t, but that’s not going to stop me wandering down to the newsagents in a minute to buy the newspapers anyway and nod a ‘good morning’ to the first person I see. It’s that kind of beautiful, happy, sunny morning.

I’ve also become a faithful Firefox convert during this time, as I’ve now seen many examples of pages where it handles webpages much more faithfully than wot old Internet Explorer does. Tabbed browsing is also a godsend, and I couldn’t imagine working without it now.

Live 8 TicketsEven more amazingly, the RSS feed (also available via the link on the right) is also working! So for all those people that said to me “Why don’t you provide an RSS feed for your blog Geoff”, well … I have now. Also, the ‘random’ blogroll (Ian) is fixed and it’s now more static. I’m discovering there’s a whole range of exciting options that you can do with WordPress, and how you rate/order ones blogroll links is just one of them.

I mentioned the other day that someone I knew had won in the text-lottery for the Live8 tickets. Guess who that person is .. no go on, guess…!

No, not one of my similar aged friends or peers, but … my sixty-year old mother! Can you believe it? When she came round the other day bringing me my death-bed comfort food goodies, she showed me her winning text, and wants me to go along with her. How could I say no? So I get to go to a gig with my mum!

Has anyone else ‘won’ tickets? I have to say I wasn’t really that fussed about going, but now that I’ve been offered the chance, I suddenly find myself being terribly keen. ‘F5 Chris’ – where art thou? I happen to know you sent off seveteen texts to apply! I’m not trying to gloat, I genuinely want to know if your tactic of applying so many times paid off or not…

Also, I simply can’t not mention the fact that the final Doctor Who of the series is on TONIGHT, BBC1 at 7pm.

Dalek InvasionMiss the Dalek invasion at you peril! It’s going to be a rather awesome series finale to put it mildy.

There’s also a ‘making of..’ this whole series preceding it at 6.15pm, as well a final epsiode of ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ for another 45 minutes after the main programme on BBC3, so that’s er … 2 hours and 15 minutes of DW viewing! As Chris Ecclestone would say himself .. “Fantastic!”.

Like I said, it’s a beautiful day.

14 responses to “Bring me sunshine, bring me …”

  1. Ian says:

    Oh, am i FIRST?

    “Has anyone else won tickets?”. I hope so, or it’ll just be you and your mum, and I doubt that would please the almighty Mr Geldof.

  2. Bob Thedino says:

    Why are you up so early?

  3. Glad you’ve seen the light about Firefox, now we just need you to dump that Windoze business of yours and get yourself a proper Mac. Which reminds me. While we are on the subject of BillGates and pee-cees and such, just a quick reminder to everyone to back up your data. Because that inevitable crash is coming.

  4. Brian says:

    Hey, no fair! You deleted my comment from yesterday — and I thought I was being very helpful… *sulk*

  5. Mikey says:

    For those of you who aren’t as dedicated to the world of geofftech as i am, his ‘girly’ was contributor #500, find her here:
    Shes the last one on the page!!

    Sorry for spoiling the fun for those who were trying to find it themselves

  6. Jono says:

    Aw, shucks. You’re welcome, mate. Any time you want to stay at my house until after midnight going through CSS, you can. Well, sometimes. As long as the Missus doesn’t object.

    However, I’m very scared that it’s not even midday yet, and already seven people have posted comments to ths morning’s blog. Have these people nothing better to do that look up Geofftech?

  7. Administrator says:


    well you obviosuly haven’t, have you! otherwise you wouldn’t have been on here checking and available to comment! 🙂

    That reminds me – must upload the smiley graphics so that they work properly.

    Mikey has indeed given away the link/photo to “the GF” to whom I often refer to. I’m not sure she’s going to like you for it though…

    For your true ‘Geofftech’ dedication Mikey, you can have a gold star too and go to the top of the class….

  8. F5 Chris says:

    24 texts. 10 postcards. 8 texts from my mate (who screwed me over by not sending the agreed minimum of 20).

    Neither of us win, but he gets offered a spare by someone else. Bastard! He doesn’t even know the first thing about the political side of things, and isn’t too bothered about The Who playing.

    The fucking Who!


  9. Neil says:

    Cassie Handyshandy said:
    When do we get to see a pic of your GF? Were all dying to know what she looks like!?!?

    Well, I have a picture of her leaving the portable ladies toilet at the Acton Museum Open Day if anyone’s interested …

  10. Mikey says:

    Top of class…wooo!!!
    *Gives teacher an apple*

  11. F5 Chris says:

    >>Then I found I could move without pain and it literally put a spring in my step and a permament smile on my face!! Nothing can get me down today: The world of Geoff is a happy happy place!

    You’re being evicted.

  12. Ian says:

    Never mind chris. You could always buy one on ebay… oh.

  13. It is too bad G’s GF doesn’t like her photo posted because she is adorable…and photogenic! AND very nice, as well as very sensible… he is a lucky guy.

  14. Viplette says:

    Morning Geoff
    Glad to hear your back is all better.

    Can you bring the last two eps of Dr Who in with you when you come back to work please?

    You haven’t missed much just network failures, Plasma failovers and fileservers not sharing their folders. Just another boring nightshift…

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