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Dock of the day

Those Apple people are quite smart cookies, aren’t they? You get a nice new shiny iPod Photo at quite a good price, to discover they they only come with a USB cable and the iPod itself. So if you want the AV cables (for displaying the photos on your TV), or the the Firewire cable, or even the humble dock – then they’re all seperate purchases that you have to buy additionally.

Well, I bought a iPod Photo dock yesterday, and I was wondering when I picked it up in the shop how it was going to work, because it quite clearly said on the box “Compatible with all iPod Photo models”. And yet I’m thinking “Hang on .. the 30Gb and 60Gb models are different thicknesses, how can one dock support both iPods?”.

I’ll tell you how .. those clever Apple boys provide one base with the connectors and all the gadgetry on, and then two different ‘snap on’ covers depending on whether you have the 30Gb or 60Gb model. Clever eh? Although I wonder how many people have stuffed up and put the wrong one on, to discover that the manual then says “Important: You can only attach the Dock cover once. Be sure to choose the correct cover for your model of iPod Photo”.

When looking at my new ‘pod Photo the other day, someone asked me “Can it store pictures that you’ve just taken?”, to which I had to ‘fess “No.” You have to take pictures, transfer them to your computer, organise them, and then it synchronises with your iPod Photo. Well not any more!

When buying the Dock yesterday, I spotted a tiny gadget about 2cm square that is basically a USB connector to iPod-connector that allows you to plug your digital camera into your iPod and transfer down your photos. It’s the iPod Camera Connector, and although I haven’t checked it out yet, I’m assuming that this works with all iPods, and not just the ‘photo’ ones because all it’s doing is letting you dump down your cameras photos to the the iPod and treating it as a mass storage device – handy if you’ve only got a small CF/SD card, but a many-GB iPod!

My mum also asked me if you could get iPods with radios built in yet. “Umm.. no!” I yet had to ‘fess again. But I told that it probably wouldn’t be long before they did, and when they did it might even be digital radio and not just an FM one. But has digital radio taken off in the USA yet? I don’t thing it has … and if it hasn’t, I can’t imagine a Calafornian based coroporation developing a product just for countries that has DAB if it can’t market it back home as well. Shame.

All this led to me yesterday having a sniff round the shops at what DAB receivers are out there, as I’d quite like a battery powered one to have in my bathroom (no electrical outlets allowed in bathroom, Kris – remember!) and the answer is ‘Disappointingly few’. And even the ones that are available are quite ugly.

What I did discover though is a number that you can text to find out the digital coverage in your area. Get your mobile phone and try thi : Send a text saying “DAB ABC123“, where ‘ABC123‘ is your postcode, and send it to 83252. You’ll then get a text back telling you how many digital stations you should expect to receive in that postcode area. Cool, huh? [Texts costs 25p. Your statuatory rights are not affected, and your house may be at risk if you set fire to it].

And anyway – Doctor Who then. What did we think? Brilliant? Ok? An anti-climax? And what of David Tennant as the new Doctor? I’ve banged on about DW far too much here recently, but feel free to comment away …

15 responses to “Dock of the day”

  1. F5 Chris says:


    I’ve been saying all along that Christopher Ecclestone didn’t quit to avoid ‘typecasting.’ The fact that the ending would have been filmed long before it was announced he was ‘quitting,’ sort of reinforces the point that if the BBC wanted him for another series, they’d have stuck it in his contract.

    End of.

  2. Ian says:

    I’m glad you’ve posted, Chris. I was worrying for myself.

    Digital Radio in the US tends to be satellite based, as opposed to the DAB nature of UK digital broadcasts. So even if the ipod did have a radio, you wouldn’t be able to use it.

    Also, that ipod photo adapter connects via your USB cable, so unless you have a fancy pants USB2 camera, it is going to take approximately forever. You’d be better off with the media reader. Which costs approximately a quarter of the price if you import it from the US.

  3. F5 Chris says:

    And another thing- where the hell has half of your blog gone?

    Most of the posts seem to have gone for walkies!

  4. geofftech says:

    Yes, i’ve got to port over all my old entries into the archives properly, and i haven’t found an automated way of doing it yet. It could be a tedious [(c) Tim] cut & paste job at somepoint … !

  5. F5 Chris says:


    Well, have you got the link for the paper throwing game handy? A mate of mine wanted me to link him to it again, but I couldn’t find it as it’s gone.

  6. Moley says:

    As far as Christopher Eccleston leaving goes – it appears that it was planned from the start – it just was not supposed to be made public.

    “But the BBC has admitted it did not consult him about that statement and also broke its agreement not to reveal he planned to film just one series.”

  7. Administrator says:

    You want the paper game throwing link again? Lol! ok i’ll dig it out.

    But it’s an outrageously HOT SUNNY BEAUTIFUL DAY – get off of the computer and get some sun on your faces! i am! ciao….

  8. Bumble says:

    I had to check the day after reading this :S
    Ahhhh twas great weather today! One of the advantages of being back home in t’south!
    And wimbledon starts tomorrow *bounce*
    Dr Who was great! I must’ve missed a couple of episodes overall which is annoying though. Shall have to rent it or something, buying would be good but have you seen the price?!

  9. Geoff, don’t you remember our discussion about the growing popularity of US satelitte radio?? And how there are two companies, including Sirius SR (the one I have stock in) that want to put a chip in the iPod? That way I can tune in on BBC Radio One from Hawaii on my iPod! How cool would that be.

    Also… London was faaaaaaar hotter today (33C) than Kona, Hawaii (27C). But our temp is always always about 27, every day of the year.

    Well it looks like I am once again last to post a comment.

  10. Administrator says:

    Dr. Who will come out as box set in November of this year – all 13 Episodes … just in time for Christmas!

    Or you could ask any friendly BBC employees you know to get you a 20% discount like we do.

  11. F5 Chris says:

    Is that tax deductable?

    Your money is, after all, going back into the industry..

  12. Brian says:


    Re: cut & pasting all your old entries. You should familiarise yourself with perl, LWP & HTML::Parser and see if you can automate it. Of course this would assume that you used a “standard” template to create your blog entries, which may not be the case…

  13. Charlotte says:

    Dr Who was great. I can’t believe the thing i was waiting for the whole series long happened in the final mintues of the last episode (the thing being the dr + rose kiss. Yes im an old romantic ;))

    Can’t wait for the whole series on 1 DVD. November is so far away!!

    And as for Brian’s comment about PERL programming *shudders* i’d stay well away if i were you! Tis nasty nasty stuff.

    But yes the weather all round is lovely!

  14. So you have to cut’n’paste your entries like I was going to have to do ?

    Doctor Who was GREAT. Until the ending, which sucked. However, I do find myself saying “Now … where was I? Oh yes… Bar-ce-lon-aaaaa!”

    btw, you might want to tell everyone who’s got your old blog pages bookmarked about the new location 😉

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