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Hot Facts

It’s the start of Wimbledon fortnight folks, which means the tube is going to be heaving everytime I pass through it at Southfields this week. And roll on as well a week of glorious weather, which kicked off on Saturday, and then turned into a 33 degree scorcher yesterday – how good was that!

I spent a very lazy and back-recouperating-afternoon up on Epsom Downs with a barbeque and cold(ish) beers. Marvellous. Followed by ice-cream, and another trip to the pub in the evening. Double marvellous.

And here’s some stunningly dull or amazing facts (depending on your point of view) of things that I learnt during my somewhat relaxed period of time:

Everyone (?) knows of the classic phrase ‘DINKY‘, to describe a quids in, childless couple : Double Income, No Kids. But yesterday I was told olf ‘SITCOM‘. Single Income, Two Children, Opressive Mortgage. Nice!

Again, everyone (?) knows the classic pub quiz question of “What two teams names in the top four leagues of English football don’t match the place where they’re physically located?” Answer: Arsenal and Port Vale.

But how about this … (And who sat down and worked this one out?) – What is the only team name (in the top four divisions) that you can’t colour in when you write it (either in lower case or upper case). I’m not kidding, there is only one answer. i.e. Teams that have “B“, “P“, “O“, “D“, etc .. all have areas that can be coloured in. There is only one team that uses letters which can’t be filled in so!

And finally … just to get down with the kids, a wonderful predictive text anomaly. Go and get your mobile phone, create a new message and switch to predictive text mode.

Imagine you were in charge of choosing someone for something, and you had to tell someone the news that they’d not been picked. If you write “You have been rejectedin predictive text mode, the Nokia dictionary defaults to “You have been selected instead, giving the totally opposite message.

And armed with the those fascinating facts, you may now go about your day …

22 responses to “Hot Facts”

  1. F5 Chris says:

    Try typing ‘bitch’ in predictive text. It always comes up as ‘citag.’

    Which, raises another issue.

    What the fuck is a citag?!

  2. Moley says:

    That’s easy. Everyone knows it’s HULL CITY (hull city)!!!

  3. Ian says:

    So where do you think Millwall is?

  4. Simon Jordan says:

    Stuck in mid-table obscurity as usual?

  5. jose mourinho says:

    Grimsby’s ground is in Cleethorpes, which isn’t Grimsby…

  6. Anthony says:

    I tried to type “equipment” once, and after 5 letters it thought I was trying to say “drugs”…

  7. Matthew says:

    Try typing “kiss”. In case you’re too lazy: it comes out as “lips”. Spooky!

  8. tim says:

    Your local (work) team, Geoff …

    Queens Park Rangers …. in … uhh …. Shepherds Bush …

    Must sleep …

  9. Neil says:

    Port Vale, for you thickos who don’t know, is located in the district of Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent, where I was born and hence they are “my” team.

    Carry on …

  10. quin says:

    Coincidentally I was just in Burslem this weekend visiting a friend, and I walked past PV FC.

    The best predictive text-related mishap is ‘Smirnoff’. Try it.

  11. Johnny Alpha says:

    Just to mention it … you’ve got a typo on your link to Bady (sic) Dubbed Boy

  12. Wayne says:

    so how come in your pic example of “rejected”, the predictive text appears to be not on? 🙂

    And while I’m nitpicking, I always understood DINKY to mean Double Income, No Kids YET.

    And as far as football teams called other than where they play, I’m sure there’s something suitably vicious one could say about MK/Franchise FC, but the iBlog is still family-rated (just about)

  13. Anthony says:

    Wayne, it appears to be a Nokia phone, the predictive text on which is signified by the “speeding pencil” icon in the top left. So it IS on.

  14. geofftech says:

    Indeed… it IS on! What phone do you use wayne?

    “Smirnoff” comes out as “Poisoned” btw, if you can’t be bothered to try it. Nice one Q!

  15. Kirk says:

    Geoff – any chance of you putting something between the comments so they’re slightly easier to read please…?

  16. Peter Miller says:

    I’d like to second Wayne on his comment about the MK Franchise. But they are not a football club so they cannot be involved in the answer!

  17. Wayne says:

    bit late but… thanks for putting me right on the predictive text thing. On my basic Siemens model (A57 I think) the pencil is the symbol for non-predictive, while the default for predictive is T9 (or is it Tg?).

    Peter Miller, are you Luton Don?? We’ve met indirectly on W&WW…

    Why do I ge the feeling no-one will look at this comment… 🙁

  18. J-Ro says:

    ….and The City ground, home of the (once) mighty Nottingham Forest is in West Bridgeford

    …and how could you possibly forget Salford United?


  19. Flek says:

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