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All shook up

And so the sunshine came to and end and the rain came down …! I was out at friends this afternoon on my day off, and driving home this evening I got caught in a traffic jam on the A3, so took to meandering down some winding country lanes instead to get home, only to find myself encountering many a deep puddle where it had rained so much it wasn’t draining away properly and was flooding the road.

The first one caught me by surpise and I hit it at speed and got a bit splosh! of water over my windscreen which blinded me for a second, which shook me up slightly until my wipers kicked in and I could see what I was doing again. At the next one down at a junction though, I had to laugh when I saw three local chavvy kids with their trousers rolled up paddling in the pool of water that spanned the road! I honked my horn to make sure they got out of the way, and then had to resist the urge to hit the puddle at speed which would have soaked them good and proper.

chevroletI re-joined the A3 and headed north and saw a fleeting but bizarre sight at the junction for Guildford. Where the slip-road joined the southern stretch there was a big red American Chevrolet car with metallic trim and spoilers, and stood by it (in the middle of the road, holding up the traffic) was none other than Elvis Presley having a heated conversation with a normal dressed person. Ok, so it wasn’t the Elvis, but an impersonator, and can only imagine that he’d broken down on his was to an Elvis convention and hadn’t had the sense to push his car to the side of the road – something perhaps the angry man was trying to point out to him – along with the fact that he’d also caused a 4 mile tailback behind him which I passed as I headed north. If you were delayed on your journey home down the A3 on Friday evening, you now why.

At work (BBC News Interactive) a chap called Pete Clifton is the big head-honcho editor of the news website. I always thought that all people in that position might be a bit up their own arse, but I soon learnt that Pete is an ok-kinda-guy with a good sense of humour, so was quite amused when he sent the support team an email when I was at work on Wednesday with subject line of “Help the aged”, asking if we could burn something to CD for him.

I’m not sure if he has a CD burner on his machine or not – and if he does, if he was just being lazy, in a hurry, or didn’t know how to do it himself, but I ended up doing it for him, dropped it off personally on his desk (he wasn’t there) and wrote on it “Here you go Grandad”. I hope he found it funny, I haven’t been given my P45 yet…

I never actually really thought of a website having an ‘editor’ before in the same way that a newspaper would, but it does, and what’s more he even write a most amusing editorial column, of which you can find todays here.

Live 8 TicketCaught up with my mum yesterday as she picked up her Live8 tickets. Aside from the tickets you get a ‘Make Poverty History’ booklet, which I thought was a nice idea, i.e. it’s not just “Pick up your tickets, come along have a good time and leave”, they’re actually trying to educate you as well and tell you what you can do to help, but yet I couldn’t help but think – how many people are really going to sit and read it? People just want to go to the gig.

My mum also wanted me to point out that whilst she’s 60 years old, she’s “A lot younger at heart”, and was a bit of a rebel when she was younger, and was a bit of a sixties wild-child. (Or something). All I know is that she has a lot of original Beatles albums on vinyl, which is quite cool.

And a quick link for you to try today, try it out on mine first:

It would appear to sniff the ‘net and tell you who else is linking to you. You can replace the ‘Geofftech’ bit with obviously your own blog, or webpage/space and see who else it knows about that is linking to you. Neat.

I think I’m over my paranoia from yesterday blog-wise, but still haven’t been brave enough to read all the comments in case they’re disparaging in anyway. Intruigingly though, I did get word after I’d posted that about some people that read this that I didn’t think would, so “Hello” to you if you’re smart enough to know who you are. Caught you reading this again didn’t I?

11 responses to “All shook up”

  1. Moley says:

    Me first for a change

  2. geofftech says:

    I do find that scary. Within 1 minutes of me posting a comment appears.

    You may now change your name to ‘F5 Moley’! 🙂

  3. F5 Chris says:

    The use of ‘F5’ in a comments name is prohibited by law without express permission.

    From me.

    So there.

  4. What if I’m ever first? I don’t have F5. (Well I have it, but it does not refresh.)

    Anyway, I’m compelled to ask why on earth you didn’t whip out your camera for that highly bloggable Elvis moment!!? Considering how much gadgetry you carry around with you at all times, I can’t believe you missed that perfect photo-blog-opp. Tsk.

    Also, I think your mum is a LOT younger at heart than most people half her age are. I think her 1960s memoirs could be a best seller. Bring them on! 🙂

    And you should read yesterday’s comments… they are all complimentary!

  5. F5 Chris says:

    I don’t have an F5 button most of the time myself. I too am a Mac lover, with a beautiful G4 powerbook.

    Only thing is, as I’m on dialup and the house PC is usually connected to the net, I spend most of my internet time on that.

    Which is annoying, as I can’t stand the bloody thing.

  6. F5(!) Moley says:

    It was not actually intentional to find your page updated Geoff – I do have better things to do with my life than wait around for your blog to be updated – unlike some!!!!!!!

    Seriously though, I hate you – I so wanted to goto Live8!

  7. Administrator says:

    Well I know about 8 people that are going now .. should be quite a knees up. Don’t worry, i’ll take photos and blog it and go on and on and on about how good it was! 😉

    I was zooming past ‘Elvis’ on the A3 at 70mph. I was already fiddling with my TomTom with one hand, mobile phone with other and steering with my knee, so i couldn’t really get my camera out…

  8. Administrator says:

    Oh, and by the way, i’ve now activated SMILIES in the comments areas! All the usual variations should work, including my favourite: 😕

    And i’ve blatantly stolen the bitmaps off of IM before anyone asks me, yes!

  9. Sue says:

    Elvis was on his way to pick up my daughter and friends and take them to their school leavers ball. He kindly agreed to do this at the last moment but the car broke down in already heavy traffic. He had to wait until midnight to get the car towed away and missed his next ‘gig’. A kind deed that sadly went wrong. Sorry you got delayed. If you hear of anyone who got a photo let me know!

  10. Pete Clifton says:

    Geoff – I have never placed my head up my own arse, and would be the star turn at Billy Smart’s if I could. Shame you think anybody who has climbed the greasy pole has to probably be double jointed in this way… And I don’t have a CD burner.. Pete

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