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Time flies by when you’re …

Do you know what? I missed the anniversary of my blog the other day. And I forget to mention that it was the longest day of the year too.

Anyway, it was indeed on June 23rd last year that I wrote my first post-50p-iPod blog entry and decided to keep on writing and become properly blogged up. At its inception though, it had the rather shit name of “Geoff’s Almost Daily Blog” (ADB) before a few months down the line it got renamed ‘iBlog’. iBlog_Notme(Talking of which, there’s still no activity on despite it being registered by someone for ages)

And here we are a year on … and I think this is a good thing, but it certainly feels like longer that a year which means I must have done a lot of stuff in the last 12 months. It would be fair to say that I don’t feel like I’m wasting my life away no matter how many hours I find myself chained at a desk and starting at a monitor!

I’m slowing archiving all my old blog entries into the new format, and do now have the whole of June 2004, including that very first post here.

For F5-Chris that asked, here’s the link back for the paper throwing game, but here at the merry world of Geofftech we like to give you something new and original as well, so have a go at this quicky game. I can’t last more than 19.2 seconds (ooer missus), can you do any better? It’s fast, simple and fun!

All I’ve got to now is figure out what to do at 7pm on Saturday evenings now that there’s no Doctor Who! 🙁

(PS… As you can see, the smilies have been activated! AFAIK, all common instances will work, so you can have hours of fun in the comments section trying them all out… Well when I say ‘hours’ I do of course mean ‘seconds’, but you get the idea)

6 responses to “Time flies by when you’re …”

  1. Brian says:

    The iblog people tried to hide this text in their page:
    > blog,iblog,weblog,blogger,blogging,free blog,free weblog,blog hosting,blog host,weblog hosting,weblog host,???,??
    but their background is CB1000, while the text is the ever so slightly different CC0000. One wonders if this was done intentionally…

    0.117 seconds on my first try of your game…. Hmmmm…

  2. F5 Chris says:

    I made it to 20 seconds!

    Go me!

  3. F5(!) Moley says:

    You can touch the blue block but you need to keep going – the game only checks at a predetermined interval therefore you can pass the right block right through the blue block but be quick.

  4. Administrator says:

    Light… interesting! I thignk you need to put the ‘-‘ symbol in to make them work!

    ; – ) comes out as 😉
    : – ? comes out as 😕
    : – D comes out as 😀


    and i can only manage 19.76 seconds 🙁

  5. BenandSianie says:

    Not sure whether I am amazing at this game, or you guys are poor but my first and only go got me 242 seconds and I have the pics to prove….

    Mini wave in celebration of me :d

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