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Contributor breakdown

Early shifts on a weekend ~yawn!~ I had to be at work by 7am this morning, and as train services don’t even start at my local station until after 7am, this means getting a minicab in.

I thought that the age of “Send ’em back” stereotypical minicab drivers were a thing of the past, but I had one of that genre this morning who’s every sentence seem to contain the word “Fuck”, no matter what he was talking about.

In a way it was almost entertaining, but also a little frightening, as he drove the 15 miles distance from my house to work in a record-breaking 22 minutes, in the process jumping two sets of red lights just as they changed, cutting up other cars, and leching at the few women we saw walking along – most of them coming home from a good night by the looks of it!

My favourite choice quotes of his were though: “All white van drivers are wankers -fact”, “10 points for a cyclist – weh hey!” everytime we drove too close to one, and the classic “I’m glad I had this early job with you – means I didn’t have to sleep in with my ugly missus this morning”. Ummm…..

But the best moment was that as I originally got into the car (front seat, which I think is what endeared me to him in the first place because it meant I wasn’t a ‘snooty’ back seat passenger) he said: “Take it easy mate, do what you like .. anything .. have a smoke if you want”. Which was obviously secret code for “Please have a cigarette because then that means I can light up too without feeling guilty”. Now I don’t smoke, so I didn’t light up, which meant he felt as if he couldn’t either. My suspicions were confirmed when he dropped me off, and the first thing I saw him do as he drove off (making a 180 u-turn cutting up a bus as he did so) was to light up…

I can’t remember who it was that asked me a couple of weeks ago, but someone suggested/asked that I put up some stats on all the contributor songs that I’ve got, in terms of which ones are my favourites and how many times I’ve played them, so I thought “That’s a good idea”, but that I’d save it for a quiet Sunday (like today).

Out of 516 people that have given me 50p’s so far though, I only have 381 songs. The rest being a combination of people who gave me money but never chose a song (and i’ve lost their email address, or they won’t reply to me), or songs that have been chosen but I’m find enourmously difficult to get hold of.

What I have got it a playlist called ‘iPod Contributors’, and every Genre of a song chosen is also set to this. I’ve also used the ‘composer’ field iTunes to be a persons number, as this means that I can choose a song instantly by number, rather than have to remember what everyone chose and find it by artist or title.

So, here’s a instant screen capture of my Top 20 contributor chosen songs so you can see at a glance if you’re one of my favourites or not!

If you want the full breakdown, then you can download the CSV file here containing details of all 381 songs, and if you’ve really got too much time on your hands, perhaps you’ll be inclined to tell my median-range-co-efficient or some other amazing mathematical statistic about the tunes.

12 responses to “Contributor breakdown”

  1. Richard says:

    It’s juvenile, but someone has to be first…

  2. Mikey says:

    Am upset to see you only gave my song 2 stars, bit unfair, its a great song. At least you played it 9 times…

  3. What, you mean you’ve not even played Stand On The Right twenty-five times? Disappointing!

  4. Administrator says:

    2 stars is generous! You have to realise that i’m really mean and conservative when it comes to rating songs. None of the contributor songs have 5 stars, only nine of them have 4.

    If I don’t like a song, it doesn’t even get on my iPod. Oh, well .. apart from the contributor ones which have to be there. So to get 2 stars means that i must like it in someway..! Does that help?

    And as we all know anyway, everyone has different musical tastes, and it’s impossible for me to like everything 🙂

  5. James (#510) says:

    Is there a reason my song isn’t on there? Are you having trouble finding it?

  6. Mikey says:

    I am curious to know what your top songs in iTunes are, would you ever be willing to share this with the world?

  7. geofftech says:

    James, intruiging! It’s not there is it? Where is it! I know I downloaded Mr. Springsteen! Let me go and see what I did with it.


    ok, the [censored] version of my iTunes top songs are…

    1. Keane – Everybody’s changing (153 plays)
    2. Embrace – Gravity (147)
    3. Umm.. a very cheesey Atomic Kitten song! (140)
    4. Thirteen Senses – Thru the glass (138)
    5. FC Kahuna – Hayling (119)
    6. Keane – Bedshaped (118)
    7. Snow Patrol – How to be dead (114)
    8. LMC – Take me to the clouds above (112)
    9. Maroon 5 – She will be loved (111)
    10. Eels – Novacaine for the sould (109)

    That’s not a bad list .. apart from the AK track! Trouble is, it’s only reflective of my music listening habits over the past year and a bit.

    e.g. I would die happy listening to Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts” which I’ve played endlessl over the last 10+ years, but in iTunes/iPod terms, it’s languishing down in 46th position with just 51 plays… and yet, as I say it would be in my ultimate Top 5 tunes of all time if you forced me to make one…

  8. DCveR says:

    At first I could have sworn you were writing about a Portuguese taxi driver. The only friend the driver has is the client, everybody else, especially bus drivers and foreigners, is THE ENEMY.
    But it could be worst, for French cab drivers most of the time even the client is no friend.

  9. F5 Chris says:

    Oh, so where the fuck are The Who on there?


    I’d hate to think you’d lied to me, Geoff.. I really would..

  10. Mikey says:

    I like the songs i recognise on your top 10 most played, but am unfamiliar with some of them, will have to listen to the 30-sec preview in iTunes!!

  11. Administrator says:

    What number were you Chris? You were 500+ wern’t you? I think I’m working off an older version of my lists which may not contain all of the 501-516 people.. I will check the where and whys of the who (geddit?) when I get back home tonight..

  12. F5 Chris says:

    #507’s on there!

    #509 isn’t!

    Sort it ahhht!

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