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New iTunes

Just a quicky … Apple have brought out iTunes Version 4.9 today, as well as an iPod software update as well – all in the aid of it support Podcasting.

You can now use iTunes to go and fetch your favourite radio shows (and the like) and sync them up to your iPod. We knew this was coming, but I’m intrigued that it’s version 4.9 and not 5.0 as predicted. Perhaps Apple have got something bigger up their sleeve for the 5.0 release ?

They’ve also dropped the 30GB model of the iPod Photo (my version!) and in effect ‘dropped’ the 20Gb model of the black and white version, and made it colour instead … with the improved battery life too, meaning that you now just get the ‘Colour iPod – Podcast ready’ in 20 and 60Gb models.

14 responses to “New iTunes”

  1. Yorkie says:


    Still doesn’t work for windows 98 🙁

    I wanted to stick all my music on my old machine and then let iTunes serve it to my network.

  2. ian says:

    Am I first? Did you miss me? Do I want to know the answers to either of those questions?

    I will answer the “why do I blog?” question on my blog, just as soon as I figure out what the answer is.

  3. Neil says:

    He wouldn’t have been able to blog this if I hadn’t told him earlier this evening that I already had 4.9 and had been investigating various podcasts of my own 🙂

  4. geofftech says:

    You can use an iPod with Windows 98, as detailed here:

    We did miss you Ian. Where have you been? I’m still waiting for for you to say “Oh my god, you’ve got an Atomic Kitten track in your top 10…”

    Neil –

    I got home to find six emails in my inbox from other people telling me it was out. ~cough~

    And it’s now on the Technology page of the BBC news website, which I do of course check almost daily …

    I think we should do a “travel” one. You know. tube. travel. that sort of thing.

  5. Mikey says:

    Got 4.9…what shall i do now?
    Have never listened to a podcast, so i downloaded the BBC one, only to find it was Microsoft Sam speaking. After a lot of searching, i managed to find the BBC Technology one, which gives highlights of the week, and is an actual presenter.

    Had a look at the iPod section, noticing the 20GB iPod Colour is now standard, and the U2 iPod also comes in colour…did it do beforehand? They dropped the price of ‘my’ iPod Colour 60GB model from 309 to 299…BIG SAVINGS!!!

    That’s all i got to say really (I’m trying to kill time before i have to go to work)

  6. Neil says:

    We should do what?

  7. geofftech says:

    I’ve had trouble actually download a legit podcast too! It’ll happen… just needs to be polished up a bit.

    the U2 iPOd never came in colour before, no.. that’s new. you’d think that colour iPod minis can’t be far away now… and yes, the prics have dropped again making them even more ‘must have’ gadgets than ever!

    We should record our next ‘tube run’ Neil, and then podcast it!

  8. Ian says:

    I am devastated to discover that you’re not an avid reader of my blog. I’ve been throwing mud at keane and coldplay, as that reveals.

  9. geofftech says:

    I’m terrible at reading other people’s blogs. Hence my guilt trip last week at the apparant popularity of mine! I’ve left you a comment on your latest post though, which I did before I saw your comment above!

  10. Neil says:

    How do we podcast it? Run round with microphones on?

    Hhhuhhhh uuhhuhhhhh *gasp* so *gasp* here we are ….. at ….. West Ruislip hhuh huhuhuhu. Fuck me. We’ve …. just missed the train …… and … fuck … I’m knackered.

    Great idea.

  11. geofftech says:

    C’mon, that’s enthralling radio. They’ll be queueing up to download it.

    Interspersed with some relevant tube tunes, natch.

  12. Neil says:

    OK, let’s do it then.

  13. Ewan Spence says:

    Legit podcasts? Mine is legit! TPN Rock is 30 minutes of unsigned, unknown or underappreciated Rock artists every Friday… Just hit “Advanced… Add Podcst… ” and you’re all set.


  14. Neil says:

    What happened to the interview we did with you ages ago Ewan?

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