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10, 50, 518

Ten ThingsTen things I did yesterday:

1. I walked out of two toilets at work, after seeing that I’d have to sit in a ‘trap’ right next to someone else to do my business. When will people learn that if there are three cubicles in a toilet you sit in one of the end ones, and not the middle one, so that you don’t have to listen to the noises adjacent to you.

2. I manged to somehow avoid all the thunder and rain, and did not get wet like most other people seemed to, handy considering I had no coat or umbrella with me.

3. I helped a woman carry her pushchair up the steps at Notting Hill Gate station, and only at the top of the steps did I realise that I should have said “No” because my back is still sore. I then missed a train by seconds because of it, and had to wait 8 minutes for the next one.

4. I got mistaken for the UK online editor when sitting at her PC fixing it, as she’d wandered off for a few minutes. “Are you running things here?” asked someone who came up to me. “No, but I’m flattered that you think I look like a journo!” I replied.

5. I gave myself a financial health-check, courtesy of the new financial health checker on the business pages which we’ve launched.

6. I fell for the gag when someone told me that the Pet Shop Boys are playing Live8 this weekend. I got all excited, only to discover that they’re playing at the Live8 gig in Moscow, and not the London one!

7. I gave up my British 10k London Run Race Pack (which finally turned up) to contributor Sheldon (#106) because I’ve not been able to go running/training since I screwed my back, and I simply could not do it.

8. I thought “Oh shit, so it wasn’t a spoof then?” when a guy that asked me for my autograph back in February (that I slagged off online here) sent me an email saying “That’s not very nice, I am for real, there was no need to tell me to Fuck off”. Oops.

9. I sent a vaguely rude email to Danny Wallace after seeing him on a not-very-good (in my opinion) programme on Sky called “Conspiracies“. He then guilted me out by replying almost immediately, prompting me to send him back a much more humble email.

10. I drafted writing my latest 50p contributor who I’ve been promising to do for the last few days but simply hadn’t got round to it yet. So before she sends me a nagging email, I should probably introduce …

Carina Hendrikx (518) who is from the Netherlands but is here in London at the moment, is a dancer by trade, and emailed over a week ago saying “Been reading your blog for a while and have been meaning to contribute for ages”, and after sorting out how she was going to pay me and getting a photo I then got a bit slack about posting her up, but am doing it now! (At last).

She also asks “Has anyone else contributed from my home country?”, and after checking out the stats here (and double checking in my original spreadsheet), I can tell you Carina that you’re actually the third after contributors ReindeR Rustema (#140), and Ilja Nieuwland (#174).

She originally chooses ‘Gaia’ by Valensia – a little known (here) Dutch singer – as her song, but then confessed that that might be too hard for me to find, so has gone for “Uninvited” by Alanis Morrissette.

I’m downloading it from iTunes right now… thank-you most kindly Carina!

12 responses to “10, 50, 518”

  1. Ian says:

    I think you’ll find that the answer to “Are you running things here?” is in fact “Yes”. Take out the IT support and the editor, and see who they scream for first.

  2. Jono says:

    Geoff — saw Tigger last night, and he spent all day sorting out his passport to go to Russia to work on Live8 there. So he’ll see the PSBs even if you don’t.

  3. Neil says:

    Never, ever help people on the tube. It’s one of the unwritten rules in my book.

    It’s every man for himself down there …

  4. Carina says:

    before I send you a nagging email? excuse me lol

    Scouts honour eh… lol… I dont nag. Fact!

    Now u make me seem all bad… I’m nice really!

  5. pixeldiva says:

    Neil: you are *such* a fibber.

    You helped a confused woman on the East London line on Sunday.

  6. Neil says:

    Damn, so I did.

    OK, let me rephrase what I meant.

    Never VOLUNTARILY help anyone. If they ask you for help then you feel obliged so fair enough but don’t go looking for it.

    (So I wasn’t fibbing really).

  7. geofftech says:

    Having my bad back recently and not being mr “whizzy” fast walker as i usually am has made me (slightly) more appreciative of those who aren’t as mobile on the tube as I normally am – i.e. old people, parents with children and even lost tourists for goodness sake! I’m obviously getting soft in my old age …

    Ok Carina – you are not all bad! you are a good, kind, human-being. 😉

  8. Bumble says:

    Oh, how odd, I was just listening to Join Me and then you mentioned Danny!

  9. Brian says:

    All you bloggers: check it!

    Geoff: Now you can do cool stuff like plot all tube station locations on ariel photography of london, or use route plotting to show you winning tube route, or, or,…

    Think of the possibilities man!

  10. F5 Chris says:

    There’s nothing for me to really comment on..

    So I’ll just tell you that I saw Keane do a duet with Rufus Wainright at the Wireless Festival last night, which I was sent free tickets for as no other fucker wanted them and it’s nowhere near sold out!

  11. geofftech says:

    Did Tom (lead singer of Keane) do his usual syncophantic “You’re the best crowd we’ve ever played to”, routine?

  12. nik rowland says:

    Re Sampled..

    Goldie Lookin Chains – Your mothers got…
    Behind the Mask is Greg Phillinganes version, not
    old Erics ..honest.

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