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Don’t travel

In DepthStay out of London, people. Use my comments to chat if you want.

I was about to go out for the day (at 09.15) when breaking news story flashes up on the news website.

At the same time, a friend of mine was stuck on the District for half an hour just before West Brompton. The driver first comes on the PA and says that “There are signaling and power problems near Tower Hill”. Then a few minutes later he says “There are unconfirmed reports of an explosion at Liverpool Street, you may wish to call your loved ones and let them know that you’re ok”. And that’s when everyone realises that something horrible is happening, and that we’re in for one hell of a day …

So if you’re in town now, ask if you can leave and go home – NOW. Though god knows how as all transport has been stopped in central London.

But don’t panic … yet. Wait for the facts to come out.

More later. I’m glued to News 24 …

[ Update : 15:45 ]

I’ve been waiting all day for the BBC website to official confirm it, as ’45 dead’ was the phrase being banded about on the ‘net, but now they’re officially saying that 33 have died, mainly from the Piccadilly Line train.

I’d been out to lunch to avoid it for an hour or two, ‘coz I was getting sucked in and now I’ve come back to find this..

I know 9/11 was worse, or that more people died in Madrid, but when it happens so close to home in a place that you know so well, and people you know were out and about travelling this morning, it really makes you think ‘Fucking Hell’. I will admit to having a poignant moment as well by myself just now. This is a very sad day.

[ Update : 19:15 ]

God bless you all for your comments. The death toll is at 37. I feel a bit weird. But at least I’m alive.

Here’s someone that almost wasn’t – a blogger (not known to me) with their account of being on one of the trains this morning. Some of it is a bit unpleasant when you think about it.

40 responses to “Don’t travel”

  1. Mikey says:

    Not being a london person, it strikes home when the explosion on the bus occurs on a road that i walk along when i visit london for lectures..

    Hoping everyone here is OK

  2. Yorkie says:

    The advice is to stay where you are!

  3. geofftech says:

    There are 2 dead from the bus explosions, but now people are saying that there are fatalities on board the train that was de-railed on the Piccadilly Line.

  4. Jono says:

    Our offices are at the eastern end of the City, and many of our people travel through the affected area on their way into work. We’ve accounted for most of them, and we’re hoping the rest are just caught up in the resulting chaos.

    Very odd being almost in the middle of it all.

  5. geofftech says:

    Did you hear any of the explosions Jono? You’re at Tower Hill, yes?

  6. Jono says:

    I didn’t arrive at work until nearly 10am, so everything had already happened by then. I don’t think we’d have heard anything from our offices anyway — a bit too far away.

  7. Moley says:

    I didn’t hear anything this morning having just arrived at work.

    I’m waiting until later in the afternoon when there is a bit more of a picture as to what is happening.

    After yesterdays celebrations, today is a very sad day here in London.

  8. Dave says:

    Hi all, I’m stuck in my office at centrepoint, I work for the MoD and we are being told we can’t leave at the moment, though i reckon we will be allowed to go home soon, hope everyone is ok

  9. Leanne says:

    It’s 11:55 pm here in Auckland, NZ and we have a running commentary on our main TV channel about the explosions in London. Newsfeeds from CNN, BBC and BBC World. I hope everyone’s loved ones, friends and colleague’s are safe.

  10. Selassie says:

    Too close for comfort, I’m currently in Covent Garden (in an office on work experience), and I had to use the tube to get there this morning!

    Hoping everyone out there is o.k., I’m in contact with the staff @ the office who may think about letting me go home early.

  11. Andy says:

    I was standing at Clapham Junction station when I heard what was going on, after being directed up that way from Wimbledon station where they said the tube network was closed due to an electrical fault.

    I really wish I’d known the truth, so I could just have turned straigh round and gone home.

  12. Selassie says:

    Andy’s reply also reminds me; on my way down to work this morning the driver of my Northern Line train said there was no service between Stockwell and Morden for some reason, and he also mentioned the ‘London Fire Brigade’.

    I don’t know if this was connected to the other incidents that have happened today.

  13. Ben French says:

    I’m out in West London but you’d be suprised how conflicting information is here regarding travel.

    Not sure how i’m getting home tonight (Brighton) as I hear train stations far and wide are closed (East Croydon, Swindon?, Brighton…)

    SWT are all running normally apparently – must be the first time ever…..

  14. David Scard says:

    It upsets me that with all the effort going into making the tube, and london life safer, evil b*****ds still go and do this to the innocent. Imagine being a sole tube driver having to re-assure and control hundrends of people on your wrecked train. Passengers need to realise they are not the only people that have suffered. I praise LUL and emergency service staff, most of which will just be unsung heros.

  15. Mark Garth says:

    Unfortunately it is easiest to inflict turmoil and terror on the innocent and I guess it is a mixture of panic and fright that causes people caught in such situations to act the way they do, good or bad.
    I’m thankfull that my morning meeting in town was cancelled.

  16. Jeffrey L. Otto says:

    I’ve been listening to BBC coverage since the moment my alarm went off at 6am EST here in New York. Riding the subway into Midtown Manhattan was a little tense but so far everything is calm. Our deepest sympathies are extended to everyone in London.

  17. Andy says:

    Ben, I heard there was a controlled explosion in Croydon earlier which is perhaps why East Croydon was closed. That’s where I’ve got to get back to tonight.

  18. Tim Woodward says:

    I was one or two trains behind the one that derailed between King’s X and Russell Square. Luckily I got off at Finsbury Park and changed for the Victoria Line, but my girlfriend carried on towards Holborn. Even more luckily for her, her train failed at Caledonian Road so she didn’t get anywhere near Russell Square. I had been considering changing at Leicester Square to get to work this morning – it’s only because the train in front of the one we got on was packed full that we didn’t get caught up in the chaos. It’s times like this you value your intuition and are grateful of the things that happen by chance…

  19. I woke up at 11am this morning to this. I really am shocked, and know exactly what you mean about it being on our doorsteps.

    I go through three of those stations on an almost daily basis, several people I know narrowly missed the explosions on the tube, and one of my ex-girlfriends told me earlier that her mother was on the bus in front of the one that exploded.

    It’s the personal connections that we have that make it more of an impact.

    At the end of the day, every person in London will have been affected by this attack, and many more outside will know people who were injured.

    My thoughts are going out to everybody affected, but just be grateful that it didn’t happen on the day of Live8, stranding 200,000 people in the capital, and causing even more panic and chaos.

  20. Also, hats off to those involved in the aftermath.

    I have to say I’ve been very impressed with how the situation’s being dealt with.

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Andy says:

    Fuck what, anonymous? If you’re going to be a big man behind a cloak of anonymity, at least make it clear what you mean.

  23. Anonymous, I think posting that comment on here is a disgraceful thing to do.

    I challenge you to reveal who you really are. If you honestly think a comment like that is appropriate when 33 people have died because of some utter bastards, with everyone else in London feeling scared and uncertain about what’s going on, then you should at least have the balls to voice your opinions as your own.

    The effects of today will be remembered for a long time, especially by those who’ve been injured in the blasts, some of whom have been forced to have limbs amputated. And what for? What did they ever do to the people who’ve caused it?

    Probably about as much as you.

    Fuck off and show some respect.

  24. Andy says:

    By the way, thanks for your support Jeffrey L. Otto. It’s good our friends from across the pond are with us.

    It’s was great to see the leaders at G8 standing shoulder to shoulder on TV earlier, while Blair spoke.

    Bush, Putin, they’ve had attacks on their soil and it’s only by showing a united front against these scum that we will make sure they get to meet their God much earlier than they’ve reckoned.

  25. Anthony says:

    Something tells me that when these cunts do meet their God, they will find him somewhat less forgiving than they had hoped.

    I use the Piccadilly Line twice daily during term-time. It is packed solid for a good six hours a day.

  26. During term time, I pass through King’s Cross, Liverpool St and Moorgate on a daily basis.

    My jaw genuinely dropped when I realised just how lucky I was this morning to be on holiday.

  27. Karl-Thomas says:

    Geoff, you were one of the first and only people I know in London that I thought I needed to check up on. I’m glad to see that you are allright.

  28. deb says:

    What a cowardly disgraceful act of inhumanity.

    About the anonymous “fuck it” comment.
    Emotions are a funny thing, aren’t they? Maybe that’s all the poor bastard could manage to utter. I dunno….

    Anyway, HUGS from Washington State

  29. Jonny says:

    Ok well, whoever anonymous was it is unfair to assume that his comment was meant as a disrespectful one. His comment could have been in anger that he was affected today by the attacks. I honestly don’t know who anonymous was either, but you should realise that comments can be taken differently depending on the emotions of the reader.


  30. geofftech says:

    I think mister ‘FUCK U’ is one of our regular trollers. I’m not taking it down, because it’s a nice distraction in a funny sort of way.

    I’m pretty sure I know who it is through the IP address now anyway.

    Karl – Bless you sir!

    ‘normality’ resumes tomorrow … whatever that is.

  31. Andy says:

    “…but you should realise that comments can be taken differently depending on the emotions of the reader.”

    Then Anonymous should find a way of expressing himself so it is understood, rather than a 5 year old who’s just learned a naughty word. The onus is on the writer to make ones self understood is it not?

  32. So glad you are all right. Our condolences to all our friends in England, and I’m so sorry you guys not only have to deal with the immediate effects of this despicable act as well as the long-term ones. It’s shattering to realize that really, “normality” may not resume in your city for a while. Your innocence is lost, in the same way that 9-11 changed us here forever. We have to endure all these cumbersome “safety” measures that really don’t do a thing to keep us safer. It’s a sobering realization to think that there are people out there (suicide bombers)who hate your country more than they love life. I also can’t help but think if we had just gone after Osama Bin laden and hunted him down instead of diverting resources and energy invading Iraq, we wouldn’t have so much of the world pissed off at both our countries. Stay safe all of you…

  33. Daniel Hull says:

    I think this is as you say a bad day, for London, and I think for Britain as a whole, but really, the death is sickening, even for people like me who live miles away on the other side of the uk. Just be thankful that the death toll isn’t as high as the Kings x fire (18/11/87). But it shows that the danger of being in London will be no greater tomorrow than it was yesterday.
    I think the biggest problem in the aftermath of this will be the moral panic, that will multiply the negative effects of what we have seen, and heard today. By the way, when I was first told about the bus, and tube trains blowing up you know what my first thought was? I thought “must be the french jealous cos they didn’t get the olympics”. typical me, anyway, Take care and don’t contribute to the moral panic.

  34. Dave says:

    I think we need to thank the Emergency Services, they were the unsung heros, they were absolutely surperb, they definitely deserve more money.

    London will bounce back.

    Just a side thought, imagine being on Big Bro and not knowing what has gone on today?

  35. Peter Miller says:

    Hey all. Today’s events are shocking. When there’s people that you know working in that area it scares you. Thankfully everyone I know is accounted for but I want you all to know that I’m praying for the family and friends of those effected, and my thoughts are with any of the guys on here affected. God bless.

  36. Kelly says:

    Geoff, I’m a longtime friend of Kris (wirelesslanai) and through her blog page have come to know you and the lovely friends she met during her travels in England. As an American, I know all too well the feelings that the lovely people of Great Britain are enduring this tragic day. I just wanted to send to you my condolences and prayers to you and to all of your friends and loved ones who have been affected by all of this. God Bless.

  37. Scott Blair says:

    I am sickened and saddened. Geoff, I am glad you and those around you are safe, but I feel awful at the loss of so many others. My recent visit there is still vivid, and I can hardly imagine such carnage and turmoil in such a lovely city. I am thinking of you and pray for comfort for London at large. God bless from Calgary.

  38. tami brisset says:

    Geoff, I am the police capt. from new orleans and I was so upset about what happened. All the times I spend in London on the underground . It is surreal. I wish I was there to help ya’ll. God bless and be safe everyone.

  39. Amy says:

    So sorry to hear about what happened today. Sickening and so sad.. Sorry it had to hit so close to home. And somewhere out there today has become an orphan because of some idiots ideologies 🙁

  40. Girthmeister says:

    Geoff-mate – pleased to hear you’re okay. Awful day.

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