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More frivolity

“Come on Geoff” I hear you shout, “Where’s all those frivilous links, fun and games that we’ve come to expect from our daily does of ‘Geofftech’?”. God you’re a demanding lot, but today I shall give you two to entertain youself.

First, from my cousin Phil (#315) is “Something to lighten the mood”a superb spoof iPod video advert. Ignore the annoying advert which takes a few seconds to sit through as it’s totally worth it.

Next, you remember the classic ‘Farmer, Chicken Fox & Seed get across the river’ problem? (See it here if you don’t). Well here’s another totally perplexing version.

Everybody has to cross the river., with only two persons on a raft at a time. But the father cannot stay with any of the daughters without their mother’s presence. The mother cannot stay with any of the sons without their father’s presence. The thief (striped shirt) cannot stay with any family member if the policeman is not there. Only the father, the mother and the policeman know how to operate the raft. To start, click on the big blue circle on the right. To move the people, click on them. To move the raft, click on the pole on the opposite side of the river.

And if you work out how to do it, please let me know, ’cause I can’t.

On the plus side, I went to Sainsbury’s today, and they had Dairy Milk with Orange Chips in! Yay! I bought a big bar for 1.09 and ate it all in one sitting this evening whilst having a cup of tea. No wonder I’m getting fat. (Must update my graph).

I also have to do TWO 50p mentions which I should have done last week, but due to all the tube-shannanigans, I haven’t found space to fit them in.

Firstly is regular commenter Ian (who I do link in my blog roll – at the bottom on the right) who I can only say was rather ‘Difficult’ when it came to extracting any information out of him.

He absolutely resolutely would not give me his surname, and most definetely would not give me a proper picture of him which is why there is a picture of a dog here. I suspect it might not even be his own dog.

Anyway, Ian – thank you (!) – are are number 520, and your 50p goes into the charity pot, and he chooses My Life Story “Angel” as his song. Oh and go and have a look at his blog too!

Next is one of my new colleagues at work Tim Ferrett (521) who was the first to cotton on amongst my new colleagues that I was a little, ermmm…. ‘quirky’.

Tim often heckles me to death about the content on my website, but secretly I think he’s in love with me. You remember – back in the playground days when you used to be horrible to the girl that you really fancied? Well it’s a grown up version of that. Or something.

Amusingly, my manager (and Tim’s manager) at work dug out this staff photo we have of him, and did a version with a nice red hat that looks like a firemans helmet. Oh, and comedy moustache just for good effect. Oh, and he chooses Jurassic 5’s “A day at the races”. Good tune. And thanks mate.

Finally, I need to plug that all the details about the Tube Challenge in aid of the Tube Bomb Victims charity is now here:

It is ON, it is happening, and it’s going to be big business. It will happen in the last week of August.

If you want to take part, or want more information look at the webpage, or send an email to

26 responses to “More frivolity”

  1. Mikey says:

    Woo i’m first…

    yeah, thats about it. Someone else say summit so i can make a witty remark

  2. geofftech says:


    Mikey – why haven’t you signed up to take part in the tube run in August?

  3. Mikey says:

    Ok, another comment. Tried playing that game, and W T F…how can you do it, i honestly cant see unless i’m missing some vital thing

  4. Mikey says:

    Erm, i’m scared of the tube…nah. Have only been on it half a dozen times, and the idea of…erm…dunno, i suppose i might if i find someone to go with..cos your a stranger:)

  5. Mikey says:

    I swear i’m not trying to win an award for most postings, but how many people could you get across, i can do 5 at the mo, and am stuck

  6. Someone’s been F5in’ more than me..

  7. Just ask me for any personal information about Ian. I have ways of making him talk.

  8. Oh! And didn’t I TELL you I saw that candy at Sainsbury’s Geoff??

  9. Smudger says:

    The puzzle’s quite easy. If anyone wants the answer, I’ve emailed it to the G man.

  10. Mikey says:


  11. Mikey says:

    i kept getting stuck on 5 people, but then i decided to try and work it out backwards, and it made it simple to get it

  12. Scott says:

    did it in 17 moves this morning, anybody do it in less or is that the lowest possible…

  13. Angelina says:

    Bloody hell ! He’s an attractive fella, that Ferrett 🙂

    And have you seen this, Geoff –

  14. Anthony says:

    Just because he looks like a fireman!!!

  15. Angelina says:

    Mmm … helmet …

  16. Yorkie says:

    I haven’t got a clue with that Raft Problem. I could probably work it out given a couple of hours and lots of paper but there again i have no time, so……..

  17. Ian says:

    It’s not a ferret, it’s a dog.


  18. Jono says:

    Done it.

    Now, who’s for a spot of Su Doku?

  19. geofftech says:

    Four people have emailed me with the correct answer. Well done Ian, Becky, Julian and er .. oooh .. someone else. And now Jono.

    Don’t get Neil started on Sudooko (isn’t he in Star Wars?) we’ll be here all day.

    Would you like Tim’s phone number Angelina? 😉

  20. Neil says:

    Sudoku Wars have been well publicised on my blog.

    Daily Mail now have a “smaller” version which looks crap so far as I’m concerned.

    I knew it would get silly.

  21. James (#510) says:

    I think 17 moves is the way to do it. Bit tricky but it suddenly clicks!

  22. James (#510) says:

    And why would the mother/father hit the sons/daughters without the other present?

  23. Jono says:

    Obviously the Japanese habitually abuse their children of the opposite sex.

  24. geofftech says:

    Phil – I just had to take your comment down, sorry! I posted too soon by mistake, and had to removed the entry – d’oh!

  25. David says:

    I know Ian. And that’s his dog. Naturally, I can’t give you Ian’s surname, but I can reveal the dog is called Guiness. It steals socks.

  26. hi
    good luck

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