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Yawn … and then silence

I’m on nightshifts until the weekend now, which means that I should be asleep at midday today when there will be a two minute silence in memory of last weeks victims.

So whatever you’re doing at midday today, please consider to take 2 minutes out of your day, and encourage others to do likewise.

Neil & I are also heading up to the vigil in Trafalgar Square this evening at 6pm, before I then go to work again. Yaaawn!

16 responses to “Yawn … and then silence”

  1. Neil says:

    Does anyone know what this vigil will actually consist of?

  2. Neil says:

    Yeah, I’ve already done the whole Vigil/Virgil joke thing and it tends not to work very well 🙂

  3. Moley says:

    I would join you guys but have other committments tonite.

  4. Anthony says:

    On the grid of the 18-metre Nationals gliding comp, all was quiet at noon. I am, unfortunately, in Dunstable and so will not be at the Virgil tonight.

  5. ginny says:

    Well, I’ll be at work… somewhere near Chicago, so I’ll be thinking of you all.

  6. zuzula says:

    I stood at a tube station at midday. All the tube staff were wearing black armbands. it was all very moving… until some cock drove by slowly with his windows down and some shitty R&B blaring out. thanks for that mate, whoever you were – very sensitive.

  7. Andrea says:

    It was 4am here Pacific time. I hope I didn’t break the silence with some mis-timed snoring. I will plan my own personal tribute when I get back there in December.

  8. tami says:

    I am listening to it live on LBC and thinking of you all.

  9. geofftech says:

    Well, I was sound asleep (on nightshifts!) but woke up at 2pm this afternoon, headed into town. Vigil was good.. loads of people turned out in Trafalgar Square, and the Mayor (amongst ohters) were there doing the speeches.

    Then we went down the pub. As Badly Dubbed Boy says : “Britains Terror Alert Level Has Been Raised To: A Pint”.

  10. Ben French says:

    Not sure whether anyone else has this problem when reading the replies but sometimes your purple menu down the right obscures sections of insightful comment!

    It’s the same no matter what text size I use but if you make it small and read then big and read then small again you can just about read every word!

  11. ian says:

    Is it really worth all that effort, Ben?

  12. Anthony says:

    You’re running at a low resolution, Ben.

    It is the web designer’s duty to cater for those on older monitors with fewer colours and/or lower resolutions, but in this day and age, there’s not much of an excuse to still be running 256 colours at 640×480!!!

    I see from my House of Steel statistics that most people use a resolution of 1024×768, but 800×600 is still quite common. I, personally, am dissatisfied even with 1024×768.

    I’m fortunate enough for my laptop monitor to display at 1400×1050, which is fantastic, even though the laptop is now a couple of years old, and wasn’t top-of-the-range then!

    Both of you, sort it out!

  13. Anthony says:

    OK, I see that at 800×600 you miss out the last 2-4 words on each sentence when the blue bar (not purple enough for me to call it purple, sorry!) obscures them.

    It begins to encroach onto the main post at about 900-ish pixels window width and, in this case, onto the comments at about 880.

    There are a couple of solutions:

    1. Give the page a minimum width of 900px, so that scroll bars appear when the window size is further reduced.
    2. Make the main body of the text reduce in size when the window width goes below 900px.

  14. Yorkie says:

    It doesn’t look like Geoff’s stats give screen resolution. My site tells me:

    1024×768 56.42% XGA
    1280×1024 27.93% SXGA
    Other 7.26%
    800×600 5.03% SVGA
    1152×864 2.23%
    1600×1200 1.12% UXGA

    I run 1280×1024 on all my useful machines, nevertheless I still design for 800×600. Interesting to note though, that 1280×1024 is 5:4, not 4:3 like all the others. Anyone know why?

    I’m not sure what other includes, maybe those at:
    www . laptopshowcase . co . uk / forums / viewtopic . php?t=7 or

  15. geofftech says:

    Wow. A screen resoultion discussion! I feel honoured.

    You just kinda assume that everyone runs in at least 1024 these days, don’t you? Looking at Yorkies stats above, 83% of people do, so Ben… you are in a minority!

    Nice use of space . inbetween . words . David to allow for multipled URL’s!

    So Ben.. what resolutiona are you using? We’re all dying to know now!

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