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Just give in

Two quick things. Oh, plus a couple of other things.

The ‘One London Bomber Died in Blast� story got the most hits ever as far as I’m aware in the history of BBC News Online/Interactive on Tuesday with 2,256,981 people looking at it. That’s quite a lot of hits!

Audi-Oh!Need to get your girlfriend something for her birthday and she already has an iPod? No problem … perhaps you could buy her one of these. If you do get one, let me know if they’re any good …!

To do with ‘NOT AFRAID – Tube Relief 2005‘ that I’m organising, I’ve now setup an online page for team ‘Geoff & Neil’ via the popular JustGiving website. This has the excellent advantage of sorting out the tax for you if are a UK citizen so that more money gets donated.

Not AfraidIf you want to sponsor us online, the please visit our page at:

I’m encouraging all other participants of the charity run to make their own similar pages, but when you do it – please go via this link here: – as this collates all the people who are doing it for the London Bomb Relief fund in one place.

Geoff in a planeI also meant to mention from earlier this week – but am just getting round to it now – that I went flying!

My contributor & friend Adrian (#96) recently passed his private pilots license, and invited me down on a flight out of Redhill aerodrome. Would I like to see Surrey from the skies? Yes I would!

It was rather fantastic as we pootled above my home town (and others) at 3,000 for about an hour as I took plenty of photos of the landscape below. Here’s my favourite … the racecourse at Epsom which I often go cycling up on, reduced to looking like a tiny model town. Marvelous.

I also got to wear a headset and attempt to learn the phonetic alphabet. Golf, Echo, Oscar, Foxtrot, Foxtrot – etc… But I wasn’t brave enough to have a go. It’s a dual control plane and Adrian did offer me the chance to have a go on the rudder at one point, but I chickened out as I didn’t want to kill us. Honestly, I’m such a wuss.

Epsom Down - From the air

7 responses to “Just give in”

  1. Kathleen says:

    oooh that non-ipod toy looks interesting
    wud love to do the tube thing but am far,far too far away
    I’ve neva been on a london tube
    beta or worse than the paris metro?

  2. geofftech says:

    Better or worse? hmm.. about the same. Paris has that lovely rubber smell of the tyres though. And the “whining” noise that the doors make just before they close, most memorable.

  3. Amy says:

    Are you freaking crazy?! The only planes I get into are the BIG ones! Brave soul.

  4. Mikey says:

    The last time i went in a plane, i jumped out at 10,000 feet…was quite good, maybe you should do that geoff?

  5. Anthony says:

    Hey – at least in a small plane you have control over it…

    …and in a glider, you have a PARACHUTE!!! Gliding truly is the ultimate method of flying.

  6. Paul Webb says:

    Geoff, you mucky boy! My comment yesterday was nothing to do with A-sex – I was referring to one of Frank Skinner’s favourite (and best) jokes from the time he was on the live circuit. I just thought that he might have referred to in his autobiography as there are a couple of anecdotes that he has told about it…I’ll tell you the full joke some other time.

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