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If you believe, there’s nothing up their sleeve …

Moon GoogleDid you know that it’s 36 years ago today that man landed on the moon?

Sorry – I’ll repeat that.

Did you know that it’s 36 years ago today that man supposedly landed on the moon?

Those fun folk at Google do which is why they’re providing you with the opportunity to scoot around the lunar surface here at – You may wish to zoom right in to maximum details for a true Wallace & Gromit moment too.

Now I say supposedly up there, because I am one of those people who’s prepared to believe (different from totally believing you should note!) that messrs Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins may not have actually made that trip across space back in 1969. (Interesting aside: My cub-scout group that I used to go to when I was eight years old had its three ‘packs’ named after that trio of astronauts, and I was in ‘Collins’ which continually got sneered at by the other two as they’d been on the moon, whilst we’d merely been sat inside the spacecraft twidding our thumbs).

You only have to google the words “moon landing conspiracy” to find many a webpage that is prepared to talk about the subject, some in fact which are there to argue against the conspiracy do a really bad job at it, so bad that they make me think even more that there might be something in it.

So as a mini-Geofftech-poll (I really should dig out that poll software I’ve got somewhere again, shouldn’t I?), do people believe we have been to moon, definitely haven’t, or somewhere inbetween?

Whilst in the ‘mode’ of conpsiracies then, I’ve been meaning to plug this excellent website for ages:

James Randi is man who (like me) does not believe in psyhics, paranormal activity and fortune-tellers etc.. etc.. and is prepared to pay a straight one million dollars to anyone that can prove otherwise.

Here’s the ‘catch’ though: You have to do it under his conditions.

i.e. people have stepped forward to claim the money, but when he picks the the time and date and place for them to perform their stuff, they suddenly back down and don’t go through with it.

The point is – no one to day has even passed the preliminary tests that you have to do to even get anywhere near to claming the money, and I have to say – it’s not hard to see why – people who claim to have special powers I have to say is a load of old bollocks. Unless anyone can prove me wrong of course …

22 responses to “If you believe, there’s nothing up their sleeve …”

  1. Well, I predict that I’ll be first…

  2. See?

    How fucking amazing was THAT?!

  3. geofftech says:

    Congratulations Chris. Have a million dollars, and a “My mum went to the moon and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”, t-shirt as a ‘well done’. 🙂

  4. Brilliant!

    Just what I always wanted..!

  5. Amy says:

    Don’t know. Watched a fabulous show on why I should not believe a few years ago and must say it does stick.

  6. Mikey says:

    The thing is though, if you get enough people who don’t want to believe it, and can come up with a convincing enough story, then they can persuade people that anything is a conspiracy…or thats what i think

  7. P says:

    They went to the moon. End of story.

    Next you’ll be saying that Diana was murdered.

  8. The Loch Ness Monster (aka Paul) says:

    Did they really go to the moon? I don’t think so.

    Please come to Scotland, we could use a tourism boost!

    Nessie -x-

  9. geofftech says:

    Hello “P”. Very honourable of you to be so outspoken and yet not leave your name.

    Note that I very clearly wrote “I’m prepared to believe that we haven’t been to the moon”, and not an out-and-out “I don’t believe”.

    Anyway, I could say “We haven’t been to the moon. End of story.” and that would be about as reasoned argument as you’ve put forward, isn’t it?

  10. I remember watching a show on Channel 5 a while ago that recreated the exact settings of the moon to ‘retake’ the moon landing photographs.

    All the little details that people keep pointing out turned out to actually be possible if the moon landing was real, and therefore it was concluded that they were genuine.

    Despite the fact that they’d just successfully faked it themselves.

  11. geofftech says:

    Link doesn’t work Andrew!

    I’m not sure I could ever see enough proof for me to be convinced. The point is that (sadly) we now live in a world where conspiracy is rife, and people don’t always believe things that they are old – especially by those in power!

    I’m trying (but failing) to remember the name of that excellent film which faked sending a crew to Mars .. old cheesy 1970’s film. Can anyone remember what that was called?

  12. Capricorn One

    Ask the film buff in future.

  13. I think I saw the same show Amy did. Until I did, though, I thought it was all bunk about the fake moon landing. But I have to say, this show made some pretty intelligent and convincing points and made a lot of sense (things like analyzing shawdows that couldn’t be correctly cast and the ‘breeze’ blowing on the flag and such.) Imagine the conspiracy that would have to be involved in keeping a story like that QT all these years. That’s what makes it most implausible to me.

    The better question is: Did Roswell really happen? Because people of considerable magnitude in the U.S. goverment came out saying there WAS some “Top Secret” incident involving UFOs there in 1947! We may never really know.

  14. Andrew says:

    It does too! (the link that is!)

    My dad is a radio amateur – I’m haven’t asked whether he heard anything directly from the moon missions, but he’s certainly told me many times of receiving the Russian Sputnik satellite transmissions on his own equipment. Apart from the unlikeliness of maintaining a spoof on that scale and cost just within the US Government, there will be many thousands of independent witnesses around the world.

    We’ve since done the Space Shuttle, spacewalks, space station (which surely you don’t doubt?) – does it not seem reasonable that much of the basic technology (rocket systems, life-support systems, space suits, etc) was developed for the moon missions? If all the “Apollo” money was siphoned off somewhere, how do you account for the very real developments? And only the Americans would have the audacity to ride a 4×4 over the *moon*!!!

    I can’t personally offer you concrete proof, but of all the things you choose not to believe, why this one? Go take another trip down to South Kensington and study the Apollo exhibits in the Science Museum.
    A personality trait of the vast majority of scientists and engineers is that they are obsessive about getting their facts straight, and getting their data first-hand if at all possible. Personal integrity and all that. As a scientist, working with scientists, it is simply incredulous to believe that a hoax on that scale could possibly be passed off.

    Conspiracy is rife. Indeed. Because the modern ‘education’ does not teach people how to test things for themselves, to teach them how to develop their own framework of plusability, to think critically. People, and the media, pay far to much uncritical attention to self-styled experts and gurus on anything and everything.

    See also

    (err – did I go off on a tangent and write more in one go than is ‘socially acceptable’ in a forum?)

  15. It’s not a forum..

    It’s a comments section!

  16. geofftech says:


    because it’s much less harmful to believe that we might not have landed on the moon than the cretin who is now promoting a conspiracy about the bombers from two weeks ago .. this is scary:

  17. God..

    There’s always one, isn’t there?

  18. Zindon says:

    We did go to the moon. I found this site: very good at debunking the theories. There are also things like the laser reflectors that were left on the moon, that are still used today to accurately measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon. The SELENE satellite should also show pictures of the moon landing site.

    I used to be a waverer on this, having read some of the hoax sites, but the science simply doesn’t back it up. And as someone else said, the likelihood of everyone involved being able to keep this under their hat is pretty small.

  19. BRAIN says:

    I Like the tube,that prog.that you are doing.
    i like watching it when will you be doing it.

  20. All alledged missions to the Moon by NASA have been proven to be fake. Over 10 years ago I pointed out serious anomalies in NASA’s alledged Moon pictures.
    I contacted them for an answer to those anomalies. 10 years on I am still waiting for an answer. The reason they do not reply is because they know darned well the pictures are fake, and cannot therefore provide a logical answer.

  21. Activity says:

    Would you believe they sent a man on the moon?

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