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That Friday Feeling

Are you feeling terrified yet? I do hope not, because the only way to get through this is to think “Fuck you” to them all and carry on with your life, no matter what happens. So yes, to everyone that has asked – the ‘Not afraid’ Tube Relief run is still very much on!

Bizarrely though, all day today in my little home town of Epsom there seem to be police cars and sirens going past my house all day, and even a helicopter was buzzing overhead at one point. Makes you wonder what is going on that you don’t know about.

Still, if you want a frivolous way at look at all the recent events, you could do worse than check out and which both offer alternative views on proceedings.

So it’s on with the less-than-serious stuff at Geofftech then, and I know that some people like this because I got a lovely hand written note in the post this week from contributor Scott (#517). After meeting up a few weeks ago he said he’d send me a CD of tunes in the post when he got home, along with a note – one bit which stood out and is very relevant at the moment, as he writes:

“I must admit to you, that after the attacks in London last week, I felt hesitant to send you theese songs, but then I realised that our enjoyment of music isn’t diminshed because evil cowards have murdered innocents to frighten us.

Then, today – I checked out your blog and I can’t tell you how much it lifted my spirits to see you open with an inane question about a Cadbury’s chocolate bar! It’s like a sigh of relief that now one can get back to normal, and for that – I thank you”.

Film in FridgeSo especially for you then Scott (Oh ok, and for everyone else then) would you like an inane question to fill your day today then? Of course you would.

How about this … I’ve often wondered why we put eggs in fridges. Isn’t it just because fridge manufacturers make them with egg shaped trays? When I buy my eggs in Sainsburys they’re displayed out on shelves at room temperature, so why do we chill them?

An old photographer friend of mine used to use the egg-shaped holes to store 35mm camera film in his fridge instead, because “Camera film stored at room temperature deteriorates more quickly that it does when chilled”. Your thoughts?

Next … and who says that giving random strangers on the internet money doesn’t pay off? That’s what a lot of people first though when cyber-begged my way to an iPod, but how about this for good karma …

Contributor Morgan Jones (#161) emailed me yesterday to say that he’d won an iPod mini off the Apple site, in their iTunes promotion, where the 500 millionth customer won big big prizes, whilst every 100,000th download from their music store would also win you something.

Morgan Jones

Morgan scooped in at position 485,800,000 and plans to give the mini to his wife as he already has a 3rd gen 30Gb iPod and 1Gb shuffle for himself. Congrats Morgan!

DeathlistSome quirky links to end the day and the weekend on (I don’t know when I’ll blog next or even check my emails, because I’m heading up to Newcastle this weekend for the BBC News on tour event), but I feel like plugging again – I know I mentioned it the other day, but having spent more time on it the other day, it did make me laugh a lot in morbid way, and hence I feel deserves another plug.

I also need to tell you that there’s a story here, which seems to suggest the video iPods will be here before the end of the year. Also see the lovely Rachel Stevens in action here, as she suggests that you fondle your own testicles (no, really!), plus … whilst shopping in Kingston during the week, I saw Saskia from Big Brother out and about shopping with two big burly minders.

She was being screamed at by a group of 16 year old girls all wearing white tops and jeans only just clinging to their thighs begging for her autograph (The girls, not the thighs). Honestly, who’d be sad enough to ask someone for their autograph? Tsk…

28 responses to “That Friday Feeling”

  1. Bumble says:

    We keep our films in the fridge! That’s all I have to say really…

  2. Yorkie says:

    Wow! There are people who still use films?

  3. I cannot *believe* I am reading that Geoff is now questioning the eggs-in-the-fridge (or not) idea. It was one of the things that most mystified me about my visit there, (and recounted in depth in my blog.) And yet I might add, *if* I tried to put eggs in his fridge, he got all over my case. Again, here England can worry that you’ll electrocute yourself and therefore prohibits sockets for hair dryers in every bathroom, yet they openly encourage salmonnella growth with the room-temp egg thing? So I have googled the question and I found that there is, indeed, some ongoing controversy about the whole matter.

  4. [b]BBC WEBSITE[/b]
    [i]Ever wanted to know what it’s like presenting the news on television or radio? Or maybe you’ve wondered what goes on behind the scenes on the programmes or news website.[/i]

    [i]I dont know when Ill blog next or even check my emails, because Im heading up to Newcastle this weekend for the BBC News on tour event[/i]

    Hmmm… You seem to blog alot while you’re “behind the scenes on the news website” to me..

    Does this mean you’ll actually be lying to the poor TV license-paying publich who, in turn, pay your wages?

  5. And bollocks. Why can’t I employ the use of HTML in the comments section?

  6. Andrew says:

    By all means film keeps longer if kept cool – but please store it unopened in its original pot, otherwise you risk getting condensation which isn’t going to do your pictures any good…
    When I did work experience at Kodak research labs 15 years ago, they had at least two huge top-opening freezers full of film! (let it defrost slowly before use)

  7. Work experience at Kodak? There’s an idea..

    Did you have access to said freezers?

    Would you have been able to nick, say.. 25,000ft of 35mm film stock?

  8. re: eggs. An egg expert was once interviewed on Five Live regarding this conundrum. The response was that supermarkets keep them out of the fridge because they (generally) have a temperature controlled enviroment – it stays roughly the same all year round.

    In our homes we obviously don’t have that (central heating not always been on, summer heat etc), so the recommendation is to keep them in the fridge instead. They’ll be cooler than they technically need to be, but they’re less likely to go off.

  9. geofftech says:

    The picture of the film in my fridge was not me REALLY keeping film there! It was just an old roll I had lying around that I put there for the sake of the picture.

    Mind you, I forgot to take it out afterwards and so when my GF got home, I suddenly heard “Why is there a roll of film in the fridge?” “Oh, er.. read my blog!”

    HTML links work fine for me Chris!

  10. Yorkie says:

    Doesn’t HTML normally use Pointy brackets?

  11. Yorkie says:

    By the way…
    and , and , are not universal HTML, you’ll need to use and and

  12. Yorkie says:


    i meant “strong” and “em”

  13. Ohhhhhhhh..

    So you’re using the pointy HTML, as opposed to the squared stuff..

  14. Yorkie says:

    Doesn’t HTML have to have the pointy brackets to be valid?

  15. Scott Blair says:

    Especially for me eh?, I better jump in then. I had the same experience as Kris, as in Canada the eggs are always refridgerated in the store, so we come home and put them in the fridge. Of course no one seems to use those little cups on the door, but just put the whole carton on the shelf. I have heard that it is not recommended to put the eggs on the door, because with the constant opening/closing the temperature differential can lessen the eggs’ shelf life. Film used to be the popular option now, but these days they seem utterly pointless.

  16. Andrew says:

    Re: work experience @ Kodak – as far as I recall, Chris, they only had a comprehensive range of 12/24/36 exposure films.
    25,000ft would be good for over 4.5 hours of movie, and is considerably heavier and more bulky than any normal person could carry! (I also used to be the projectionist for our Uni film showings – )
    At the end of my work experience, Kodak did kindly give me a medium-high-end (in 1990) compact 35mm camera, which I still use to this day (when I need something smaller/lighter than my trusty SLR).

  17. Mikey says:

    Dunno if any of you are still young at heart and read Harry Potter, but i just finished the new one after buying it a couple of days ago…I’m seething with anger, not gonna spoil anymore, just needed somewhere to write it

  18. Well, I meant shifting it over several days, of course.

    Point is, independent filmmaking is all about doing something brilliant the way you want to do it, but ultimately having to scroungs for financing. If I was able to nick the film stock, that would save a hefty chunk of budget..

  19. Can one of you in England please check your egg carton now and see if it says “Keep Refrigerated” on it somewhere? I forgot to look at the ones we purchased from Sainsbury’s. I’d bet anything the egg manufacturer recommends refrigeration.

  20. James_#510 says:

    Thats funny. Never heard a chicken recommend anything before!

  21. Andrew says:

    Chris, I take your point re filmmaking. Director Christopher Nolan managed to make “Following” on a shoestring budget (b&w 16mm film) over a year of weekends, but after winning Sundance awards still got in shown in the cinema (limited in the UK, but apparently more widespread in France), and since since gone on to make Memento and Insomnia with Hollywood budgets and actors/actresses! Chris Nolan was a member of our Uni film society. I’ve met Chris, and used the 16mm camera he used for most of “Following”!

  22. Nice!

    I am now an incredibly envious bastard!

  23. Andrew says:

    Hey, it’s time someone polished the lamp – the Genie (Geoff) has not appeared for quite some time 🙂

  24. Ian says:

    Somebody’s probably topped him for referring to Gateshead as Newcastle.

  25. Since Newcastle’s sort of up north, I thought I’d tell the story of what I did yesterday.

    Yes, I went to see the Jerry Springer show being recorded- purely for a laugh, of course.

    One of the people on it (who came from Birmingham, hence the ‘northern’ connection) was worried that his girlfriend had had an affair, and that he wasn’t the father of her child…

    …because she didn’t tell him she was pregnant until AN HOUR before she went into labour!

    God… only in Birmingham, eh?

  26. Jono says:


    Newcastle is only “sort of up north”, but Birmingham really is in the north?

    Have you looked at a map of the UK recently?

  27. Erm, yes.. well..

    I meant the other way round.. honest!

  28. I had insomnia for YEARS….all it took was a cup of warm milk with honey each night to do the trick! WBR LeoP

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