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Friday roundup

EverestHow great is this? Contributor Zoe (#98) sent me a picture yesterday of her mum on holiday, in Nepal – with Mount Everest in the background, and she’s wearing an iContributed t-shirt – marvelous!

This reminds me though that there were a couple of other people that I sent ‘iContributed’ t-shirts to around the world who said they would send me photos of them wearing them in a local place, and they never did. So come on – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! So send me a piccie please.

For you google-a-holics, I’ve got two rather cool new finds two report on, thanks to Ross (#13).

One is the game Guess The Google, a flash animation which brings up pictures of images from sites that were ‘googled’ all by the same word – and you have to guess what the word was. Make sense? Well just go and try it here and all will become clear.

There’s also a rather bizarre rotated Google. I still haven’t worked out what the point of it is yet – perhaps it’s for if you’re suffering from a crooked neck and you’re looking at your screen at a permanent tilt or something.

Finally, I got ‘tagged’ yesterday to do a music-thang that’s ‘sweeping’ the blogs on the internet. I’ve been nominated by Zulula, (go and have a look at her answers from yesterday) and basically I have to answer the four questions below, and then pick on some other people that I know to ‘tag’ them to and they have to do the same on their blogs.

1. Total volume of music files on PC

In my iTunes library – easy, it’s 2704 songs, 10.78 Gigabytes of AAC’s which would last for 8.2 days if I played it all consecutively. I used to have over 3000 songs on my iTunes/pod, but I trimmed it down quite a lot and dropped a lot of the dross, as I was getting fed up with hearing duff album tracks whenever I was on shuffle mode. There’s hardly any ‘one star’ rated songs left on my ‘pod now…

2. Last CD purchased

Does anybody actually buy CD’s anymore these days? It’s all downloads – right? Well the last thing I downloaded was Kirk’s (above) contributor choice of ‘Bottle Rocket’, but before that I did download a lot of the Jem tracks from her album “Finally Woken”.

3. Song playing right now

Easy – am currently listening to ‘Other side of the world’ by KT Tunstall. A lovely song.

4. Five songs I listen to a lot or mean a lot to me

FIVE! Only five? That’s not enough ~sigh~ Ok, but i’ll start by seeing what’s number one in my ‘most played’ iTunes playlist. Ok, it’s Keane’s “Everybody’s changing” which – let’s face it is the most joyous uplifting track in recent times, and I’m still not bored of it yet. Guaranteed to put a spring in your time, or make you drive just that little bit faster whenever it comes on the radio.

I’d have to give a nod towards Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts”, which (rather shockingly) is over 20 years old now which makes me feel very old. But I didn’t cotton on to it, until the live version re-release in 1988, which is only 17 years back which makes me feel 3 years less old than I really am! Anyway, played in the right circumstances, this can still give me goose-pimples down my arm when I hear it. That’s how good it is. It’s not in my ‘most played’ on my iPod, but it would have been if iPod’s had been invented 20 years ago…!

For pure electronic/dance indulgence i’ll have BT’s “Somnambulist (Simply be loved)” which is a most obscure and yet totally excellent energetic track. You really won’t like this though if you like your rock music as apposed to your blip/blip electronic music. I’m picking this, as it’s my ‘iPod’ song – the one tune that in years to come will remind me of when I blagged my iPod off of you lot.

Lemonjelly’s “Page One” has to be in this five, and again it’s another electronic track – this time with a more ambient laid back groove to it. To this day, I can quite clearly recall that it was Wednesday 19th June 2001 that I first heard it being played, in the Dublin branch of HMV. I was transfixed by it for a moment, until I rushed up to the counter and said to this guy “I have to buy THIS! Now! What is it?”. A glorious musical moment.

And a fifth? Well a fifth is just impossible isn’t it? because by choosing one, it’s as if I’m saying that another song isn’t good enough to make the list which is terribly unfair. I’d like to put my favourite Crowded House track in, or a totally obscure eighties Captain Sensible track in which I love but would take far too long to explain. The current Thirteen Senses stuff which I’m really like is also a good candidate, but I can’t do it .. i can’t pick a fifth! So i’m going to cop out and just have the four. Sorry.

Righty-ho. That’s a humongously long blog entry, but there’s just enough time and space to ‘tag’ (to answer these questions too), Neil and Kristina, to see what they come up with.

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