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Archive for July, 2005

When …

Friday, July 8th, 2005

I just made this. I was capturing some audio with a view to using it in my regular ‘end of year’ CD that I make every year, and then I got wrapped up in it, and even I find it sad. I don’t think it’s tasteless. Let me know if you think otherwise. And no, […]

And so …

Friday, July 8th, 2005

Welcome to the day after. When the names of the dead will come out, and more pictures and personal video clips from people will no doubt be released as well. And in the midst of all that, somewhere … someplace in the world, a person – or group of people are sitting round, watching TV […]

Don’t travel

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Stay out of London, people. Use my comments to chat if you want. I was about to go out for the day (at 09.15) when breaking news story flashes up on the news website. At the same time, a friend of mine was stuck on the District for half an hour just before West Brompton. […]

Beware: The big boss reads your blog

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

And so onto work … and handing over from the day people to me – the night person – I get told something which freaks me out a little. The big big boss (the editor) of the whole department – Pete Clifton – who I mentioned in my blog a few days ago in this […]

My Live 8

Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

I should start by saying that before anyone asks me “Why did you take your mum to Live8?”, that it was – remember – she that won the tickets, and thus it was her taking me along! I wasn’t actually that excited about going (but I never get excited about going to gigs), until the […]

My Live 8 : Additional Photos

Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

Just so that when people say “How close did you get to the front then?”, I can point them in the direction of this photo. My mum & I started out at the red blob in the bottom left [A], but managed to get as far forward for Madonna to the other red blob [B] […]

Live 8 line-up

Friday, July 1st, 2005

Ok, so you may know who is going to be peforming at Live8 tomorrow, but today it was “leaked” in what order and what songs the artists are going to be playing .. so if you don’t want it spoiled then look away now! It starts at 2pm with Paul McCartney & U2. Then U2 […]


Friday, July 1st, 2005

There’s a report on the AppleInsider website tells of how the new code of iTunes 4.9 contains references to phone settings – more proof that that a music phone is schedule for release shortly… “Enthusiasts located phrases such as ‘Eject mobile phone’, ‘iPod Phone Prefs’, ‘iPodPhoneiTunes Setup’, and ‘PhoneUpdating contacts’ from inside the application’s resources.” […]

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