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It’s not just cricket

Blimey. The football season is nearly upon us, isn’t it? And as someone nagged me the other day “You haven’t mentioned the football yet!” from a fellow Spurs supporter, I thought I’d mention it.

The thing is that it freaks me out when the football starts again, because it means that my birthday is here again (next week) and thus I get another year older, and slightly more gloomy – plus the fact that it means that summer is almost over, and dark winter days are not far away. 🙁 Also – did anyone else think it was quite weird back in July when Liverpool were playing Champions League qualifying games even before the schools had broken up for the holidays. That’s just … wrong! Surely?

And from the football to the cricket. The cricket which everyone is talking about at the moment. The cricket, which for the first time in my life I’ve actually started to show an interest in. Maybe I am getting old. Maybe it’s because we have it on all day in the background on TV in the office, but last Sunday when we won by just two runs I did find myself with my bag packed, shoes on, car keys-in-hand, ready to out for the day, but unable to do so until I saw whether we’d won or not.

This week, I’ve even been onto the Beebs Sports Academy pages to read up on the rules (did you know that you can be ‘Timed out’ if a new batsman is not at the wicket within three minutes of the previous one being knocked out?).

So something has changed, because I used to really really really not like cricket, and I have to mention why that is because of the delicious irony involved. (And this is where I lose brownie points, incidentally)

Many many years ago I went out with a someone who on our very first date asked me if I liked cricket. Not really” I replied … I liked my football, but not the cricket. “Oh good!” she said and told me the story of how she’d just been bored to tears in a relationship with a guy who played the game every weekend, and her life revolved around him and his cricket team, and if they went away they had to do it between matches at the weekends so that he could still play.

So I became massively anti-cricket to join in with the spirit of being the better man than the guy she had previously been out with.

Bring it onAnd the irony? Well you can almost see it coming can’t you? Years later after dumping me, she almost immediately went out with and eventually married someone who loved his cricket – so much they went for a three week holiday to Australia a couple of years ago specifically to watch an England tour. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

If you are enjoying the fact thought that England are doing quite well for once against the Aussies, then you’ll have fun playing this – ‘Bring it on’, from the Channel 4 website.

Oh, and Spurs to finish 5th this season!

7 responses to “It’s not just cricket”

  1. Richard says:

    As 10cc’s Dreadlock Holiday put it, I don’t like cricket… oh no… I love it! Have just played that song quite loudly as my neighbours are Australian 😉 Remember – it is an excuse if you have the tickets to spend five days in the sun (or rather a day in the sun, two days overcast and two days getting soaked, given the normal British summer), drinking…

    PS: Only 5th?? Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U are I guess the top 3, but who are you putting 4th?

  2. ian says:

    4th – Everyone else, equal, unable to be separated on goal difference, or goals scored.

    Surely it’s a bit early to be admitting that the Arsenal will finish higher. You might at least wait until after kick off on Saturday.

  3. geofftech says:

    Arsenal will finish higher – they’re a better team. I’m not stupid, and a realist, which is why I know that we’ve also improved enough to finish higher.

  4. ian says:

    Yeah. You’ve made some good signings over the summer (making any is pretty much an improvement over doings at highbury)

  5. Moley says:

    So Geoff, Pompey v Spurs – on the first day.

    One of us will be happy tonight – but whoooo?

  6. geofftech says:

    3-1 to us mate, sorry but the points will be ours!

  7. Richard says:

    I’ll pick sixth for Tottenham. We ought to do better than Everton this season, but I think Middlesbrough will pip us to fifth. The real challenge is to develop a backbone in away matches – something that’s been sadly lacking for many seasons.

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