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Beardwatch II – The return of the stubble

iPodSubwayMapsOh my goodness! How good is this? It’s the ultimate Geoff fantasy : iPods meet the London Underground.

As also blogged on the Going Underground blogspot, a chap in the US has formatted the classic tube map for you to sync up onto your iPod photo so that you can browse the tube map whilst listening to your favourite choons. It’s all on – and mainly has lots of American ones (e.g. New York, Boston) before he was ‘overwhelmed’ with requests for the London map to be done as well – which he then produced.


I had a rather excellent moment in my local Starbucks this afternoon – where I got some of my favourite free muffins. I’m telling you, it’s always worth chatting to and being polite to people that serve you in shops, cafes and restaurants because things like this could happen to you.

MuffinsI’d had my coffee, and one of their moist & tasty low fat chocolate and vanilla muffins, so tasty in fact that I went back and bought a second one. “You like those muffins, huh?” said the person serving me, and we got chatting.

Fifteen minutes later, they’re starting to close up and I’m about to leave, when she comes up to me and says “Here, we were about to throw these out because they need to be eaten by tomorrow, but you can have them!”, and before I know it, she’s thrust into my hand a bag full of chocolate & vanilla muffins, fantastic! So i’m going to get very fat this evening and tomorrow eating them all …


Have to also annouce today a quick feature which is going to start today and run for the next two weeks.

Beardwatch LogoMy co-tube challenger Neil a few weeks ago ran a ‘feature’ on his website called ‘Beard Watch‘. He took a picture of his facial growth each day just to see, er.. how his beard would grow.

Well now we’ve got new improved version 2.0 to bring to you delightful folk. The running theme of Geoff (that’s me) looking younger than my age (33 next week, remember) has been discussed many times before here, due to the fact that my face does not look as old as my years.

Well it’s all very well having a young looking face, but the ‘downside’ (if you can call it that?) is that as the age that I’m at I am still completely unable to grow a substantial mustache or beard.

So to demonstrate this fact, starting today and for the next two weeks (until the day of TubeRelief, where I think we might even have to have a ceremonial shaving the night before in the pub), Neil and I bring you … “BEARD WATCH II” ! Where you can get to see daily how Neil’s facial hair grows nicely, and mine just stumbles (stubbles?) along at an embarassingly slow pace.

So keep track either over on Neil’s blog, or at the bottom of each daily entry here for the next two weeks.

Neil [left] and Geoff [right] Neil - Day One Geoff - Day 1

33 responses to “Beardwatch II – The return of the stubble”

  1. Mikey says:

    Would it not be better to have both of the photos on the same part of the face, so we can properly compare?

  2. geofftech says:

    We might change the angle as the days go by. Do a ‘straight on’ one of Neil and a ‘side on’ one of me – mix it up a bit. You’ll still get the idea, fear not.

  3. What alarms me more than anything in this exercise is those sideburns on Neil.

  4. Mikey says:

    Perhaps a sponsored sideburn shave whilst doing the TubeRelief thing?

  5. I’d throw in a couple of extra quids to their team if he shaves them during TubeRelief.

  6. geofftech says:

    I think what you all need to realise is that after two weeks:

    Neil’s face is going to look like a forest.
    Mine is going to look like a not-very-rough piece of sandpaper. If that.

    So ‘shaving’ for me will take about 30 seconds.

    Like the handlebar club though. I’ll just fetch my pipe …

  7. Neil says:

    I can assure you all …

    I will NEVER shave my sideburns off – not even for charity. Sorry.

    Beard only.

  8. Mikey says:

    Geoff, do you put the links in our comments, or do you have software for linking certain words

  9. Neil says:

    He does it for you/us.

    I use the same blogging software – he’ll edit the comments and put the HTML in. You can do it yourself if you know how 🙂

  10. Mikey says:

    Anthony has won BB, Eugene second…both of them get 50,000

  11. ian says:

    Come on Geoff! Kris has more facial hair than that!

  12. geofftech says:

    Well when you’re as old as her, what do you expect? I didn’t like to tell her about her hairy lip, but it’s what really gave her age away to me, aye.

    I had a moment to spare this evening, so I delved in and edited your comments manually yes! You can put HTML into your comments anytime you like…

  13. So do we place bets on whose grows fastest though – as Neil is obviously going to win by miles – unless Geoff’s on a secret testosterone diet that we don’t know about, aided by muffins.

  14. Weren’t you 33 last year?

    I smell a conspiracy…

  15. Yes, why do we even have a contest at all!? Not only will Neil win it hands down (or chops down as the case may be), Geoff has just set the whole thing up because he’s turning 33 next week and he has serious age issues, and wants people to fawn all over him on his birthday and tell him how young he looks.

    I think what we ought to do is all agree to throw in two more quids toward Tube Relief (I can make my own HTML links thank you!) if by the end of next week we see any discernable facial hair at all on Geoff. I bet we won’t.

  16. But he was 33 last year! I’m sure of it!

    Cos I’m 17, and remember a discussion back in April where he was one year out of being exactly twice my age! I’m nigh on certain!

  17. Neil says:

    All these people who are roughly half our age Geoff …

    Kind of scary isn’t it?

    Kris: it’s not really a “competition”. It’s more of a “comparison”. Which reminds me – I must take a picture of my face.

  18. Moley says:

    No – he’s 33 this year. I’m sure that is what he said when we discussed it last week.

  19. geofftech says:

    I was born in 1972. Would you like me to scan in my birth certificate?

    Or if you go and read my blog entry for last year (August 18th), you’ll see that it quite cleary states ’32’. Now I don’t have a Maths A-Level but I think you’ll find that 32 plus 1 equals 33.

    Kris – No issues. No age thing. I am 33 next week, and happy to admit my age unlike some people I know.

    It’s also just a surreal ‘take a picture of our faces and put it on the internet’ type things for vague comedic value. That’s British humour for you.

    Oh, and you put an unnecessary space in ‘TubeRelief’. 🙂

  20. ian says:

    Doth someone protest too much?

  21. Fine!

    I shall accept defeat!

    I would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids…

  22. geofftech says:

    You’re too young to rememember Scooby Doo!

    I still think that’s a legendary line anyway, I’ve watched a couple of episodes recently, and that quote hasn’t come up at the end! I was most disappointed.

    Any SD aficiandos out there who could perhaps elucidate for us?

  23. I think it went shit when Scrappy came along.

    But I wasn’t aware that the line was gone! Bastards!

  24. Chris: You are really only 17!!?? Do you even shave yet?? Or drive?

    Neil: Not -all- of us are half your age.

    Geoff: No matter, comparison or competition, either way you’ll lose miserably. And also, there are times when you look 14 and other times when you look 45. You just have that sort of face.

    Oh, and I have got NO age issues. I told you I’d tell you my age.

  25. I am 17! Technically I shave, but as I mentioned on here once before, I decided to be a miserable bastard when my girlfriend dumped me, and to grow a beard to prove it.

    Over 8 months it grew very slowly, and I shaved it off on Tuesday, as it started to look ridiculous.

    As for driving, I’m taking lessons. Spent about 1000 on the bloody things so far, and looks like I need to spend at least 200 more..

    And they wonder why people go round driving without a license! Honestly!

  26. Hmm, well it still sounds like even at your young age, you’ll have more beard than Geoff ever will.

    What’s the driving age in England? That sounds like an absurd amount of to spend on lessons. In the ‘States, they used to provide driver’s ed in the schools, but now I think it has to be all done through the private sector. And BTW, I remember it took me three times to pass my driver’s test. I bet that makes Geoff *doubly* glad he didn’t let me drive his car while I was there.

  27. ian says:

    I think you mean apocryphal.

  28. Simon says:

    You have to 17 to drive in the UK… though even by the age of 24 buying a car ahs still eluded me. Especially now I’m living in London. Shaving, thats something managers moan that I haven’t done.
    Also on Sky travel tonight they were showing “The Tube” with a repeat of the Geooff and Dave running about only to fail. The camera work at bank was hilarious 🙂

  29. God dammit!

    I don’t have sky travel, and I’m determined to see this episode!

    As for the driving lessons, I agree it’s an absurd amount. But I wasn’t ready for my test last month, and the next available test date was in October, meaning an additional 3 months of lessons, and an extra 450 in their bank account. Argh!

  30. Mikey says:

    I’m sure Geoff has recorded it and watches it over and over every night, cos he loves being a ‘media-whore’….maybe he could send u a copy

  31. geofftech says:

    “either way you’ll lose miserably”. Er.. Helloooo? [taps glass on monitor] Well .. duh. Obviously! Of course I’m going to ‘lose’. The whole point of this is to demonstrate that Neil stole all my facial hair-growth genes at birth. That has never been in any doubt.

    I paid 12.50 a lesson for 21 lessons back when I was 17 (in 1989) and passed first time…

    And I am soooo bored of that bloody Sky Travel programme! I know the dialogue off by heart now. If you’ve really never seen it Chris I’ve got the whole of ‘the tube’ series recorded and can burn you a DVD…

  32. Well, a DVD would be nice…


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