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Honestly. You have no ‘fave’ songs for weeks, and then about three all turn up at once. Hot on the heels of the new Gorillaz single and the excellent sing-a-long-a-Daniel Powter tune, I heard Coldplay’s “Fix you” as I drove to work the other morning for earlies, and the sun was beaming up the river and flitting its rays on my face as I crossed Hammersmith bridge, I figured that it could be a bit of a special song.

Having eventually got round to downloading it from the iTunes store, it’s now been on a loop-repeat on my computer for the last hour and a bit, and it’s fucking excellent. Just had to mention that.

Blog DepressionHere’s a link/download that Kris sent me the other day, something for you blog people out there.

Have you ever suffered from blog-depression? Don’t know what to do about it?

No worries, download this PDF leaflet-style thing here, and have a jolly good read – and all will be better. (Oh, and it’s very funny too…)

Geoff - Day ThreeSo it’s day three of Beardwatch then, and here are the latest pictures.

It’s a bit rubbish, because you can’t really see it in the picture but my chin has got annoying bum-fluff style stubble all over it which has been making me itch all day.

But trust me – there is growth there, maybe I should alter my pictures and give you a close up so you can see the minute growth that I do have. Honest.

Trouble is, it’s really itchy, and so as I warned Neil earlier, don’t be suprised if by mid-week it gets too much and I shave what little there is off in annoyance.

Neil - Day 3Neil on the otherhand has now taking to gawping at the camera, and it’s going to be a daily pleasure in itself wondering what bizarre facial expression he’s going to pull.

There’s only one way to find out folks – and that’s to keep checking back. I know … control yourself … I can feel your excitement from here.

And a big big thing to mention to wrap the weekend off. I got another 50p donation in the post last week, but I’ve been so busy doing important stuff (organising TubeRelief), and er … not so important stuff (like taking pointless pictures of my non-beard) that I’ve only just got around to mentioning this.

Philip Ling (#522) sent me a brilliant letter (on yellow paper) with some of the most creative and inventive scribblings that I’ve seen for a while.

He’s an ‘exciled’ Brit himself now living in Vancouver, and he had some English money lying around, but actually sent me a pound coin instead of a 50p for the fund, and then – brilliantly – added in a futhur �10 note to go towards TubeRelief too. What a nice man!

Letter from Philip LingHe also sticks in a flyer for ‘Ilanaaq‘ – the logo which is being used for the promotion of the 2010 Winter Olympics which are taking place in his hometown.

Vancouver 2010 flyerHe thinks though that “Most Vancouverites think that it looks more like a Gumby that anything Vancouver”. Umm – okay! If you say so.

Anyway, thank-you Phil for the money, and the spare 50p’s (since 501) do of course now naturally go into the TubeRelief fund/pot, which I will go and add to my online page very shortly.

Oh, and he chooses the song ‘Home’ by “The amazing Canadian singer Michael Buble”. I’m downloading it right now Phil …

22 responses to “Ling-er”

  1. Moley says:

    I hate you! I wish that I could get two days into it and look like that!

  2. Neil says:

    Geoff – how on EARTH does THAT itch?

    Mine only starts itching at 10 days and look how long it is after THREE!

  3. James #510 says:

    Have no fear: bum-fluff visible on left side of picture. And at least yours grows faster than mine!

  4. Neil says:

    Four days in and my stubble could probably be used as a sandpaper substitute.

    I think we’re going to have a ceremonial beard shaving the night BEFORE Tube Relief in the pub we’re meeting at.

  5. geofftech says:

    Yes – and we need to pretend that we are doing this for some sort of charity angle, otherwise I’ll be out and about and at work this week and people will be saying:

    “Why have you not shaved off your boy-ish stubble from your chin Geoff”

    To which out of the two replies: “It’s a charity thing linked to TubeRelief”, or “It’s a pointless thing I’m doing with Neil for our blogs” – the former sounds much much better! Right?

  6. Neil says:

    The latter sounds much better to me because I’m not ashamed of my beard, Bumfluff Boy 🙂

  7. Johnny Alpha says:

    Erm, can I ask a wierd question, cos I know there’s some American people who read this!

    What are “Cooties”? It’s something that American kids taunt each other about. Like in The Simpsons they’d taunt “Lisa has Cooties” after talking to Millhouse. That sort of thing. My best guess is “nits”, “headlice” that sort of thing. so am I right?

  8. Ian says:

    I think “Cooties is akin to “the lurgey”

  9. Andrew says:

    Blog-depression seems to be a specific (and maybe more acute) form of website-depression: when the feeling that you *ought* to be updating (or adding new material to) your website becomes much stronger than the *desire* to do any update/addition (been there!).
    As for searching for inspiration, I remember in primary/middle school having to find particular things to do at the weekend just so I had something to write about in Monday’s Creative Writing session. Dad often got me doing something sciency – which probably wasn’t what the teacher was looking for!

  10. Mikey says:

    The cooties is like an invisible disease that you can catch from someone by making contact…I don’t still pretend it’s real

  11. Mikey says:

    i must say it’s tempting to do my own mini experiment of beard watch, as the last time i shave was on friday night, so i cant have been that much before you.

  12. Neil says:

    And do you actually have facial hair, like me?

    Or are you more a Geoff-type grower?

  13. BeardWatch II is over, it seems!

    Just as it was getting interesting, too!

  14. My favorite part of “Blog Depression” was the advice that if you are casting about aimlessly, pressuring yourself to find subject matter to blog, “…just remember, NO ONE CARES!” LOL. So true.

    Neil is looking rather hot if you ask me. Think Kevin Federline. If only you had his pre-nup! 😉

  15. Mikey says:

    I can grow facial hair, i think i might even rival u Neil

  16. Bumble says:

    I keep reading Beardwatch as Breadwatch :S

  17. Neil says:

    OK, starting tomorrow: Breadwatch – how long can it take a loaf of bread to turn completely to mould.

  18. geofftech says:

    Coming soon to a blog near you … Geoff & Neil buy packets of bread from their local supermarkets, and take photos each day seeing which one goes mouldy the quickest. Yes, it’s.. BREADWATCH !!

  19. geofftech says:

    How spooky! Look at the times on post 17 & 18. Neil and I blogged the same thought, and the same time – complete coincidence!

  20. Well Beardwatch didn’t last long.

    Speaking of having a “Breadwatch” though, it made me think of
    this ghastly experiment,
    a blogging classic. Blech, I won’t have fries with that.

    And Geoff, check your email, I just sent you a “plan B” for the logo resolution.

  21. Neil says:

    Trust us to do that …

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