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My Wallet*

On nightshifts tonight then, and driving to work at 8.15pm this evening I noticed a slightly depressing thing – I had to put my lights on. Only my sidelights mind you, but enough to make me a little sad at the shortening days. How many shopping days left ’til Christmas?

I’m still on blog catch-up from last week, and one thing that Ian did to me was to name me in the latest meme that’s doing the rounds. Namely “What’s in your wallet?”.

My Wallet

So starting top left and going anti-clockwise, it looks like I have:

A receipt from a South West Trains ticket. A Multi-Story Car Park (MSCP) ticket from work that I didn’t use back on July 29th, all my credit & debit cards including the ‘curvy’ MINT one, and the ultra-gay pink coloured Virgin one I now have.

All my store/points/loyalty cards including Nectar, Boots Reward, WHSmiths clubcard, Tesco Clubcard, the Homebase one, oh and then my Apollo video hire card.

The purple one is my Alpha Telecom calling card, the red one is an old & expired sports hall/gym card that I don’t need to carry around with me anymore, then there’s two passport photos of me pulling silly faces (!), a BT card that tells me how to operate my answer machine when I call myself, the business card of contributor Rick Richardson, some stamps, twenty quid, two cash machine slips, and then a slightly surreal and obscure post-it note that I kept from BBC news on tour where some complete nutter had talked about the process of using dent-resistant metal or something. Trust me, it’s weird & funny, and for some reason felt compelled to keep it.

In the tradition of passing these things onto three people, I thus pick Neil (who probably won’t do it), Andrew (who definetely will, just as soon as he’s fixed his blog), and Zuzula (Who will complain that she hasn’t got a digital camera so how can she?)

Beardwatch LogoOn the ‘beard’ front, the good news is that Neil has faithfully put up the photo that I sent him this morning, whilst I, this afternoon, threw a little strop about two o’clock this afternoon because I was having a shit day and shaved what little hair there was left. Neil’s left me some comforting words though, which was nice.

Oh, and I’m really liking that Coldplay song. Like – immensely. And it’s in E-Flat. Fucking typical.

* “My …” (c) Microsoft, natch.

15 responses to “My Wallet*”

  1. Moley says:

    No wonder I always end up paying when we go down the pub – all those cards – so little money! 😉

  2. ian says:

    Twenty’s enough for a round, innit. Tell Zuzula to use a scanner, like what I did, because I couldn’t find a large enough clear area for the contents of my wallet.

    I suspect the strop was caused by listening to coldplay. See if you’re cheerier listening to something else.

    Is there any such thing as “shopping days” any more?

  3. ian says:

    AND I’d also like to point out that tagging Geoff with a meme was the ONLY thing I did to him last week.

  4. geofftech says:

    Strop not due to my musical choice.

    Coldplay fitted my mood perfectly this evening. That’s all I can say right now. And I say that with my serious hat on (for once). ’nuff said.

  5. Well, in an attempt to lighten up the mood a little…

    You have an old school WHSmith Clubcard! Much nicer than the chavvier design they introduced about 4 years ago!

  6. And Waitrose..?

    You rich bastard!

  7. geofftech says:

    I’ve never upgraded it, aye. Got an original blue Tesco Clubcard too …. not the horrible orange ones they have now!

    I’m also clinging on to the Waitrose clubcard. They bombard me monthy with stuff to ‘upgrade’ it to a ‘Partnership card’ instead.

    I used to live 30 seconds walk from a Watirose (not any more), but at they time they’d just introduce hand-held self scanners in store, and the gadget boy in me just HAD to get in on that, didn’t I? Halcyon days.

  8. The Tesco Clubcards are orange now?

    What the fuck is wrong with this world when Tesco Clubcards suddenly turn orange?!

    Though I’ve always said there must be something fundamentally wrong with a universe that feels the need to print instructions on a packet of toothpicks…

  9. Mmm a variation of what Anne-Marie started and what we’ve been doing on the London Underground blog for ages. Sooo behind the times.

  10. I need two definitions for English terms:

    “strop” and “meme.”

    Geoff: what is the “real” reason you’ve held on to your ultra-gay-pink cc? 😉 Yes, it’s pretty, but I thought you were going to exchange it for a more manly shade?

  11. geofftech says:

    Strop = Paddy. Tantrum. Hissy fit. Something you’d expect of your 10 year old boys, and not an about-to-be 33 year old!

    Meme = Not a specific english term! Go look it up in !

  12. Ian says:

    Yes. You can’t get the scanners in waitrose unless you sign up for their credit card now.

    This might explain meme more in this context.

  13. Mikey says:

    Just had a shave, bet you miss that Geoff

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