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Dead Hands (Part 2)

I love my job (I think I’ve mentioned that once or twice before), but when on those long lonely nightshifts, you sometimes need an entertaining story to land in your inbox to bring a smile on your face, and this one did it perfectly.

I gave mention to the editor of the BBC news website a couple of weeks ago, and how he’s known as ‘Dead Hands Pete‘ – as every piece of technology he touches seems to break. Well, he’s done it again – this time he managed to break his third mobile phone he’s had by drenching it.

Not in a swimming pool or in the bath or down a toilet (although we also heard that his daughter did this last week – dropped her mobile down the loo as it flushed and it disappeared. She thought about ringing it with the idea of trying to ‘hear’ how far down the sewer pipe it had got …) , but whilst gardening. That’s right. Gardening.

Picture the scene : He’s using the garden hose to water the plants at home, when the top came off the hose, and the pressure of the water made it whizz up into the air, fly about for half a second, before landing neatly into the back pocket of his trousers and soaked his phone that was there and knackered it.

For a moment, I thought it was made up .. but why would you make up a story like that? It must be true. Fantastic! And so now he’s got a new phone on order. Welcome to the wacky world of Tech Support …


17 responses to “Dead Hands (Part 2)”

  1. Mikey says:

    That is a rather difficult story to believe…

  2. Lia says:

    Pete if you are reading so sorry. I did not think Geoff would put your daughter’s story up – so glad I did not meantion thes rest of the things that happened on your holiday especially that bite…

    Why would anyone make it up – especially since I laughed very loudly in his face as he told me as did everyone else in earshot. If you are going to lie, you’d make up a better story right? Plus subjecting yourself to “is that a hosepipe in your pocket or are you happy to see me” jokes

    Geoff wanna start a sweepstake on how long this phone lasts?

  3. I vote that Pete starts his own blog so we in other countries can read about his technical mishaps daily for entertainment.

    He shouldn’t feel so bad though. From here in Hawaii, the following cell phone story was reported to me yesterday by a friend: After playing with it surrepitiously, her nine-year-old daughter “left” her dad’s brand spanking new fancy pants Motorola Razor picture cell phone on the hood of his truck and you guessed it, it fell off and he ran over it.

  4. geofftech says:

    Kris – he write a weekly column already as part of the ‘magazine’ on the website. It comes out on Fridays.

    I think he she definetely mention though his reputation with technology though, yup …

    I once had a Compaq iPaq which I broke less than two weeks after buying it brand new by dropping it onto a concrete paving slab. I’ve never bought another personal organiser since! Hence I get very jumpy when other people handle my iPod, digital camera, etc…

  5. geofftech says:

    Oh, and Pete’s new phone to last no more than: 3 months. I bet you 50p.

  6. Well, what on earth did you drop it onto a concrete paving slab for?

    That strikes me as being a little bit silly…

  7. Mikey says:


  8. Steven says:


    nuff said.

  9. Mikey says:

    I GOT INTO UNI!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t know my results yet, but ucas have said i got into uni!! woo

  10. Ian says:

    Well don’t drink too much while you’re there, Mikey.

  11. Chz says:

    Hey, happy birthday Geoff!

  12. visitor X says:

    Happy birthday Geoff, only 11 days to go for me then…

  13. Neil says:

    My big 33 comes round next April. Scary isn’t it?

  14. Neil Tennant says:

    hello to the Birthday Boy, It Must Be Obvious that today is your Red Letter Day, although It Always Comes As A Surprise how quickly it comes round each year. I hope you get presents from Too Many People and indulge in much Decadence and Shameless Shopping Somewhere(without Being Boring or unnecessarily Flamboyant). I was going to get you a present, however I Don’t Know What You Want (But I Can’t Give It Anymore).

    I hope your day is full of Miracles and does not have any Violence (and isn’t Hit And Miss). It’s So Hard to know what else to write – as I was saying to The Truck Driver And His Mate only Yesterday (When I Was Mad) I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing, I should have just sent an E-mail instead of writing Here.

    I’ll probably see you Later Tonight, not sure about the venue, we could go to the Barleymow It’s Alright – You Choose. Anyway, I hope your day is Absolutely Fabulous.


    ps. I Want A Dog

  15. Rianne says:


  16. geofftech says:

    I am sooooo not fussed about my birthday. But thanks.

    And well done Mikey. Anyone else with happy exam results?

  17. Smudger says:

    Nice to see the editor put the phone story up on the BBC site himself…

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