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I’m feeling lazy, thanks mum.

You have to have respect for the new Goldie Lookin’ Chain single “Your missus is a nutter”, for having my favourite lyric, of all time – ever – in a song:

“It was last week, what really got me thinking, about how yer missus goes nuts when we go drinking, last week she ended up on a binge, she got off her tits and showed the bouncers her minge”. Poetry in motion, ou quoi?

Anyway, today’s lazy blog link (‘coz I’m busy doing last minute TubeRelief media-whore duties) comes courtesy of my mother, who emailed me this fantastic story the other week, and was so good I thought “I’m going to keep that and blog it in the future…”

A bananaOn a completely different note, I should like to tell you about my much-travelled banana story. I know you had a thing about bananapost once.

I read somewhere that they are good for you, so every week I buy a couple of them to eat at work with my lunch.

This is what happens: Lunchtime, go to shops buy bananas, get back too late to eat one, so take home.

Forget to eat at home, so take back to work, leave in car in error, forget to take out. Take bananas home again, too tired to unpack bag, so they go back to work.

Take into office – hurrah! But then go and eat lunch in rest-room, FORGETTING TO TAKE BANANA.

Go back in office, too busy to eat banana, so they go back home again. Take them back to work next day etc … etc … Of course you can’t put them in the fridge or they go black.

This goes on for 3-4 days, when a bad smell in my bag alerts me to the fact that all bananas have gone off, so they go in bin … I really must buy some more bananas you know, they are good for you!

Does anybody else have this strange obsession with buying food, and then taking it out for drives?

I also have yoghurts in my fridge, but that’s another story.

This makes me smile everytime I read it.

10 responses to “I’m feeling lazy, thanks mum.”

  1. Scott says:

    I have taken all manner of food out for drives between work and home. Fruit seems to be the most common (apples mostly, which is good because they are quite resiliant) and granola bars and things like them.

    After about 4 days I usually give up and give the items a final trip to the bin.

    (i got in first too, what a thrill!!)

  2. geofftech says:

    Congratulations Scott. I’m sending you a banana in the post as a prize.

  3. Neil says:

    Good story. Tell your mum “thanks a bunch” from me.

  4. Mikey says:

    oh dear, not those sorts of puns at this time in the morning…

  5. geofftech says:

    I though that was quite an apeeling thing to say…

  6. Neil says:

    Geoff, your puns are very primate-ive.

  7. anon. says:

    Once took sandwiches on a week long trip abroad, left them in the bottom of my sack and returned them home much to Mother’s disgust.

  8. I’ve had a whole *stalk* of bananas (30+) go brown in the back of my car once because I forgot I had the stalk in there. That’s really not a pretty sight. But it’s good for banana bread.

  9. Ross says:

    had a mate who put his car into storage for 6 months. unfortunately a stalk (??? Google informs me that “head” or “curd” is an option) of cauliflower from their last shopping trip had escaped and rolled under one of the seats and was not noticed….. until it came out of storage. cost them a huge sum to have the whole inside of the car professionally cleaned and they never quite got rid of the rotten smell

  10. Smudger says:

    Nothing important to say, just like to be part of the whole comment thing occasionally.

    Also, I know how important it is to reach the magic double figures for comments per posting.!

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