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Post Relief

I think this might be the longest time for a while that I’ve left such a gap since I’ve blogged. What can I say? It’s been a busy week. Busier than one that I can ever remember for a while, as I’ve had a few other non-tube issues to sort out as well, and coupled with not getting a lot of sleep, it’s taken me a while to get back on track.

Blanked out tube mapWe all went to the pub on Saturday. We being just under 40 people that took part in Tube Relief last week – and it was bloody good fun, and just nice to meet everyone in slightly more sociable circumstances. Amidst beer and food, routes and anecdotes from the day were discussed and disected, and we handed out some book prizes to people who had ‘achieved’ something (Best home made t-shirt, youngest participant, best publicity, etc.. etc..), followed shortly by a tube-map version of ‘pin the tail to the donkey’.

I’d printed out a large scale tube map, WITH ALL THE STATION NAMES BLANKED OUT, and then put 20 of the hardest-to-remember tube station names into a pot. You had to pull one out and within 5 seconds put it on the right place on the map! Sounds easy?

Well, yes.. if you get Morden or Oxford Circus or Ealing Broadway – but could you honestly tell me that you would immediately know where the likes of Perivale, Redbridge and Warwick Avenue are without looking at a map? It was very hard – as I found out when Ann made me have a go, and I crumbled in embarassment when I completely failed to remember that Northwood Hills is on the Metropolitan Line. Shit!

Tami BrissetTami turned up too – and gave us the slightly worrying news that a hurricane was currently heading for her home town of New Orleans, but didn’t know how ‘big’ it was going to be. Well by yesterday (Tuesday), we all know how big it’s become, and poor Tami is currently unable to fly home, has had no contact with certain members of her family, and currently suspects that her house has either been completely destroyed or is under 5 metres of water.

So in the great spirit-of-the-tube-challenge, we took her out last night in an attempt to keep her morale up. But the irony is strange – As someone pointed out, perhaps if she hadn’t of come over here to take part, she might be in a lot worse trouble back home facing a hurricane. Nasty thought.

Bizarrely The Evening Standard rung me yesterday to ask about the TubeRelief thing, but then found the Tami story more interesting. I checked with her if she would be cool with speaking to the media, and she said she would as talking about it and letting out her emotions would help … and so they interviewed her on the phone, and sent a photographer down to picture her! So yes, she’ll be in today’s London Evening Standard.

So .. to get TubeRelief done and dusted, I eventually did my write-up. You can go and read it here. It’s a little long and rambling, and I’ve got a few more bits to add/edit, but I still love it.

Tube 9 Banner

And don’t forget why we did this people, and don’t ever be afraid.

9 responses to “Post Relief”

  1. Ben French says:

    Sounds like a winning combination. Tube Relief, Media Whoreage and Benevolence on your part.

    Congratulations to all that took part, never be afraid.

  2. Johnny Alpha says:

    You know what Geoff? Yo da man!

    I hope everything turns out OK for Tami. It could be a blessing in disguise that she wasn’t out in New Orleans when the hurricane struck.

  3. Simon says:

    Just seen Tami on the BBC London new, quite a long peice about it all. Best wishes to her and her family, and well done to everyone on the tube relief mission!

  4. geofftech says:

    Just trying to convert it/upload it now, yup! God bless my Tivo.

    She’s also going to be on GMTV tomorrow at 06.30 in the mornng …

  5. Fun write up, between yours & Annie’s I followed the TR vicariously with you. The emeregency deodorant bit made me LOL. Glad for everyone riding on trains that day that you had some handy.

    Best wishes to Tami also, this has to be devastating and scary as hell for her. To have one of more colorful cities nearly completely destroyed feels devastating for everyone in this country, and I think we are only beginning to see all the bad news coming in. It looks like the third world from the video we are seeing, my gawd.

  6. Neil says:

    Geoff needed that deodorant, I can tell you.

    He ponged.

  7. Flek says:

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