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Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry (Brown Vans, Orange Vans)

I feel like we need an irrelevant post – and you may duly have one.

I’ve officially got over my birthday blues, as yesterday when I was just about to walk through the ticket barrier at my local station, I got accosted by a man with a clipboard. I thought he was a charity mugger at first, but turned out that he was doing a local survey for the council. I had 5 minutes to spare, so I agreed to do it – but came rapidly unstuck at the third question in (Age), when I said “33”, and the guys face dropped, and he said “Really?” [pause] “Oh! Well you need to be under 30 to do this”. (I don’t know why). And although I was initially disappointed that I was officially too old to take part in something, I said to him “Well hang on, how old did you think I was then?”, “About 26 or 27” he said.

Oh I could have hugged him. I didn’t of course, but it put a right spring in my step …

Orange and Brown shoelaces… a spring in the step of my news shoes which I’ve been wearing all this week, as I finally got around to buying the brown & orange coloured Vans that I’ve been mooching over for about a month. But nice as they are, they’ve also brought me a chronic fashion decision. They’ve been supplied with both brown coloured laces, and orange coloured laces and I can’t decide or not whether the orange ones look too stupid or not. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m off travelling for a bit today … I’m heading ooop north like to go and see some people, starting with ‘infamous’ iPod contributor #172 – George Pilkington. I’ve been meaning to catch up properly with him and a few other people for about a year now, and I’m finally getting around to it …

36 responses to “Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry (Brown Vans, Orange Vans)”

  1. Dave says:

    Orange looks a lot better, stand out from the crowd!

  2. Kate says:

    Orange will make you look like your trying to be a trendy teenager – brown is much better.

  3. Alan Perks says:

    It HAS to be orange Geoff.

  4. Fimb says:

    niiiice shoes. Both colours look good, but I’d go for brown for same reason as Kate!

  5. Ian says:

    The future’s bright…. Orange.

  6. Mark Garth says:

    Be a rebel and buy some different coloured laces!

  7. Northen Person says:

    Where abouts ooooop north?

  8. Smudger says:

    Why not just have one shoe brown and the other orange. Then swap them around when you get bored.

    You could always try and plait them together!

  9. Kathleen says:

    orange orange orange

    unless u wana be boring.. πŸ™‚

  10. Ben French says:

    Without the picture i’d have said go for the brown laces, but that just looks awful in reality. Orange for me!

  11. Stroppycow says:

    Vans? But you don’t skate… or am i missing the point?

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. cloud2dream (formerly James #510) says:

    Or, go to Camden and buy some different ones. Had to go with the rest of my family, and my sister came back with black laces covered in grey πŸ™‚ that said “bite me”!

  14. The Orange Llama (#283) says:

    Mmmmm… Orange…..

    Coincidence – Geoff goes up country on the same day a new programme on BBC2 starts ‘ It’s grim up North’ – you have been warned…. πŸ™‚

  15. Sam + Steve says:

    They look awful, no offence Geoff, but if you really have to wear them then browns the way to go, but knowing you, you’ll go with outrageous orange ones! πŸ˜›

  16. Get some pink laces. You still have that pink credit card in your wallet I’ve noticed and you need to be fashioned coordinated.

  17. I agree with Kris.

    Pink laces would look good when you’re swigging you Smirnoff Ice, too…


  18. Good god, Chris, is he still swigging that stuff?

  19. Bumble says:

    Orange and brown shoes? Who thought taht up?
    Don’t forget to go by Hull and go to the Deep! πŸ™‚

  20. He is indeed!

    I have a rather short (we’re talking seconds), yet incredibly embarassing video of him dancing along to some awful pop music, smirnoff ice in hand from the tube relief after party.

    ..anybody got some free file space?

  21. Chris, send that to me at I’ll post it on my Onefuego account. I can’t believe he’s still drinking that girly stuff.

  22. Jen says:

    erm…orange or chocolate? erm…can’t decide! both look nice! Geoff, why don’t you have one shoe in orange lace and one shoe in chocolate lace? then it might breakthrough as a new trend! *evil grin*

    hmm wait.. *examining it again*.. go for orange. It does look much better. no no..wait!! you should go and buy yellow laces instead! That will be excellent!

  23. they’ve also brought me a chronic fashion decision

    Mmm, like why did you buy them in the first place???!!!!!

    I bet you could have got them cheaper in Primark or Matalan anyway.

  24. Yeah Chris I could do with a copy of that too for the official Tube Relief Blog (please email – I believe the song in question was Finchley Central, as I had said “How can you dance to Finchley Central?” and he proved he couldn’t!

  25. Chich says:

    Orange or ur life!
    Geoff I am one of these crazy citizens of the now named Country of “Lovely” who was there to see King Danny I at Leicester Square Gardens. It was a bloody laugh, suprised that the media didn’t take much of an interest, especially the BBC news website pfft lol.
    Just seeing the faces of the tourists walking past whilst we’re all waving our flags to hail Danny Wallace lol. Should be on this Wednesday if anyone is crazy enough to watch

  26. Actually, it was Girls Aloud..

    It’s really nothing- just waving an arm and bobbing a head, and he only did it for 3 seconds..

    But either way, I’ve decided to wait for Geoff to return, giving him the opportunity to offer what I like to call “the right price..”

  27. Smart of you Chris! That way we will know just how bad it is on the embarrassment scale. The Smirnoff rubbish does strange things to him.

  28. Johnny Alpha says:

    Brown most days, but “Orange Wednesdays”! Get it? πŸ˜‰

  29. Andrew says:

    Is there any update from Tami / New Orleans?

  30. Andrew – yes Tami is back in the US and has found her son and sister – but it still is a nightmare out there. See her emails on my blog

  31. Girls Aloud, Smirnoff Ice, Geoff “dancing” – too many jokes in there to know where to start.

    But yeah good call Chris if he doesn’t let you send it to us we’ll know he thinks it’s really bad. If he does let you send it to us, we can still take the piss, so it’s a lose, lose situation for Geoff whatever happens πŸ˜‰

  32. stroppycow says:

    And Chris, if he does pay out, do let us know how much the right price was.

  33. Carina says:

    Orange!!!! For the sheer reason that unknowingly you will support my country… as that’s our colour!!!!

  34. kate says:

    rainbow laces. then, no matter what shoes you are wearing, the colour will match (with one of the colours on the lace anyway)

  35. geofftech (on his travels) says:

    Good afternoon people! Well .. i’ve proved my point about irrelvants posts anyway, as a simple colour decision has envoked more comments than other posts have for a long time!

    Anyway, I’m overwhelmed by the response, and having done a quick countup – it does seem as if Orange is the way to go, isn’t it? Even if I just try it once (on a Wednesday…)

    Greetings from sunny Blackburn incidentaly – in the foyer of BBC Radio Lancashire. Am stayig staying with Paul Webb (who sometimes comments here..) up in even sunnier Clitheroe, but missed the internet too much so have come to town today to find that the tourist informations advice on ‘where is an internet cafe please?’ is to come to the reception area of the BBC where they have free terminals – plus I have the brucey bonus of feeling at home in a BBC building.

    Becky Harris – if you are reading this, you will be gutted to know that I was in Carlisle yesterday and totally forget to email you advance. Sorry! We could have met up.

    Yorkie – Send me an email! I could pop by and see you, as I intend to head east into Yorkshire, and the come back home through Nottingham and Derby where I have a couple of people I can lookup.

    If there’s anyone else up in these parts who i’ve forgotten that I could swing by for an ‘in person with iPod photo’ then please do email me …

    I’m thinking of going via Batley too – and calling up Fox’s biscuits in advance too to see if I can go and visit them!

    I’ll blog some of this at somepoint, but it should be worth noting that I keep saying “Laff” instead of “Laugh”, and “Fancy a brew?” instead of “Fancy a tea?”, already … and it can only get worse as the week goes on …

  36. zuzula says:

    hope you’re enjoying your tour of the north! Now get back down south so you can buy me a birthday beer πŸ˜‰

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