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It’s just not …

Come on boys. Don’t let us down at the final hurdle. I shall be glued to Channel 4 (as I suspect a lot of the country will be) for most of the day – whilst at work!

7 responses to “It’s just not …”

  1. Paul says:

    Sorry guys, but my money is on the Aussies …

  2. Will Mitchell says:

    I still have faith……come on pieterson and jones keep it ticking over. If we can scrape to 250 and eat up some overs along the way then we are in for an incredible last session. My nails have gone allready!!!!

  3. geofftech says:

    15:52 – 236-7 and we’re ‘holding’. is your money still on the aussies Paul?? if we’re still in bat at 16:30, then i think we’re looking good… they’re gonna play on ’til light is bad, right?

  4. Bumble says:

    P-p-p-p party!

  5. Yay I hear that England have found some lost ash trays or something

    We’ve regained the Ashes 😉

  6. Neil says:

    Paul – how much did you have on the Aussies then?

  7. Paul says:

    Only a fiver! I could have won 18.75. Although a friend of mine had odds of 14/1 for the Aussies to win, I think he bet 50! Shame!

    Oh well, we did play well and did deserve to win!


    PS Can anybody lend me a fiver? …

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