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When, when … when will I ever learn? “Grrr”.

Still ‘Precious’ is now on 93 plays in four days, which even by my standards is a fuck of a lot. And I now know that I’ll never forget this week whenever I hear it in years to come as it’s now irevocably linked, and that is the beauty of music a lot of the time.

16 responses to “Grrr”

  1. Ben French says:

    OK, yesterday i wouldn’t have said it was that strange…..but that’s at least once an hour for 4 days you’ve heard it…..and assuming you are asleep/out and about half the day it’s once every half an hour!.

    I’d be going insane by now….

  2. Smudger says:

    … but why Grrr?

  3. I listened to it last night – it’s shite mate 😉
    Can’t see myself wanting to listen to it 6 times let alone 96.

    You should try “When will I ever learn part 1?” from Lewis Taylor’s
    “Stoned” album. I think it’s kind of appropriate for you right

    You can listen to it hear and follow the above

    Sorry in a bit of a schmaltszy mood at the moment as you know 🙂

  4. geofftech says:

    “Grrr” as in Tony the Tiger from the frosties advert.

    They’re .. Grrrrrrrreat!

    Like that!

    Obvious, duh.

  5. Actually it may take people a year and a day to find out how to
    download that track I mentioned above but some of the lyrics which I think fit Geoff’s week

    “Into your web I fall, I’m at your very beck and call
    I keep going over and over just what I’m waiting for
    Hurt deep inside and yet I still come back for more…..
    I have just become aware of what you’ve done to me
    So please let me be
    When will I ever learn….
    You’ve had your fun, my mind is all undone”

    I won’t say much more in case he lamps me 😉

  6. geofftech says:

    Annie – How profound! Anyone would think that you’re a Virgo. Or maybe an entrepreneur. Not that I know how to spell that.

    Anyway- The lamping can wait, as I’m slightly less Grrr-ish today. And not that anyone really cares, but that DM track is up to 110 plays now, and is the the 12th most played song on my iPod/tunes out of just under 3,000 tracks.

    As Geoff would say – “Gosh”.

  7. Alan Perks says:

    Actually Geoff, you spelt both ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘that’ correctly. Amazingly enough!

  8. Ok before everyone gets sick to death of the “in” jokes, Geoff is referring to our meeting with “Plastic Bag Man” ie he of the transparent rucksacks which I blogged on Thursday

  9. OK. 93 plays in four days?? I just downloaded “Precious” to see what all the fuss is about… and I must say, I feel like I stepped back into 1990! Classic-sounding DM, and his voice is in top form. Love the “fluidity” of the melody if that makes sense. Great tune. No one does broody, moody electro-pop ballads better than DM. Thumbs up from Hawaii.

  10. Alan Perks says:

    Oops, sorry to interfere with the “in” joke!!

  11. geofftech says:

    I got told last night by a blog reader of mine (yes, i met up with another of my groupies) that the world I mis-spell the most here is apparantly “Definitely”. (sic)

  12. ian says:

    “apparantly definitely” !

  13. says:

    It must be the time of the month for the crusty old stars to make comebacks. Depeche Mode, and also Andy Bell from Erasure soon:

    My personal oldie but goldie on the return is Coldcut who come back in January with their first LP for 9 years.
    This isnt a single, but its my “Precious”…currently on 24 plays and counting. A great video telling the tale of a saleryman standing on a windowledge deceiding whether to jump. Cheery stuff for a sunday afternoon!

  14. alex says:

    does anyone know were i can download ‘its gonna taste great’ song off the frosties advert for free?

  15. georgie says:

    i dunno where u can down load the frosties advert but ma sister has it on her myspace if that helps?????? that advert annoys me but is really catchy.
    wot do u think

  16. georgie says:

    my birthday in a month yay

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