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As sly as …

Entrance to Fox's BiscuitsI keep forgetting to mention the fact that i got to visit the Mecca of Geoff’s life last week whilst on tour ooop north, when I realised that I was in the near vicinity of the Fox’s Biscuits factory which is located in Batley, just south of Leeds.

In case you’re not quite clear on my Fox’s obsession, then you might want to get up to speed with that first for you to realise that for me to see the place where they eminate from is quite a big thing.

Paul drives me over in his car – which is very kind of him, considering that I sleep for most of the way – and following some directions we got off the internet, we knew we were approaching the building before we could see it, because we could smell the sweet chocolately caramel smell in the air before we actually saw the building.

I can’t say what we did beyond that, but I did get a photo of Paul here at the entrance to the building, when really I should of got one of me posing in front of it! Ah well, maybe next time. I know where they are now, so can stalk my favourite biscuit company with ease in future.

Whilst on ‘photos’ with Paul, it reminded me that a few days earlier when we’d traveled up on the train to Carlisle for the day, I saw two chav types who I just had to take a photo of. Actually, the Scottish phrase for a Chav is actually a ‘Ned‘, which is what perhaps I think we should refer to them as, as they were so desperate for a cigarette that at every stop (about six times) on the way back down the line, they stood by the door, lit up for the 30 seconds that the doors were open before having to stub them out as the train carried on.

I had to get a photo of them so asked Paul to pretend that I was taking a photo of him, whilst really I was being sly and taking a photo of them in the background …

Neddies Neddies

11 responses to “As sly as …”

  1. Paul Webb says:

    Just interested to know how many have you got left? We are down to the rocky roads. L. Mrs Webb.

  2. geofftech says:

    I have no idea what on earth you could be referring to … ! 😉

    (Oh ok, not many either…)

  3. Those two guys are pathetic! They look like drug addicts. Wouldn’t that make a great “stop-smoking” ad campaign? Kids, don’t end up like this!

  4. geofftech says:

    “guys” ! Erm, Kris.. the one on the right is a girl !!

  5. What!!??? **checking again…** God! You are right! Mighty attractive stance there, missy…

  6. ian says:

    Yes, Kris, their pitiful craving for biscuits is an example to us all.

  7. geofftech says:

    Oh they were both complete twats the pair of them. With an IQ of 1. (Shared between them, that is)

  8. D’OH and I thought I was the only Mecca in your life.

    Unbelievable that I get usurped by a packet of biscuits 🙁

  9. geofftech says:

    Sorry Mecca, what can I say – Fox’s rule!

  10. Smudger says:

    Foxes rule…… damn those cunning animals!

  11. The other day, at a tube station while waiting for a train, I saw an empty packet of Fox’s Crinkle Crunch (I think) between two of the sleepers.

    I was going to take a picture and give it to yo all as a quiz to see how well you know what the track looks like at all the tube stations, but I didn’t have a camera on me.


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